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“In the northern part of Sumbawa, you’ll find two tourism icons of the land, those are, Mount Tambora and Moyo island.”



Sumbawa island is one of world’s top destinations for surfing. It’s thanks to the winding shape of the land that Sumbawa boasts various beaches with superb surf. All year round, the waves on the beach are constantly high and fast no matter the weather. Some beaches even feature eight meter-high surf. Hence, it is no wonder that beaches in Sumba are frequently chosen as the venue of international surfing championships.



“Barapan Kebo and Barempuk are two most interesting traditions among others.”



Barapan Kebo

A Jockey Spurs on Buffaloes during Barapan Kebo by Subhan Azharullah


In the northern part of Sumbawa, you’ll find two tourism icons of the land, those are, Mount Tambora and Moyo island. Many adventurous tourists hike the legendary Tambora to witness themselves what the mount whose 1815’s eruption caused “The Year without a Summer” is all about. The beauty of Moyo island, meanwhile, is capable to hypnotize the world’s famous people including Lady Diana, Mick Jagger, Maria Sharapova, and David Beckham to pay a visit.


Mostly dominated by traditional farmers, the 15.448 km²-wide island maintain several unique agricultural traditions. Barapan Kebo and Barempuk are two most interesting traditions among others.


Barapan Kebo which is held during planting time represents Sumbawaneses’ excitement of the coming of rainy season. In this race, speed is not the point that makes a jockey the winner but the jockeys’ skill to balance the buffalos. Jockeys should be able to control the buffalos on muddy field so that they touch Sakak, stick placed in the middle of arena that becomes the finish point.


Barempuk, meanwhile, is free-style boxing in which the fighters wrap their fists with straw instead of boxing gloves. This tradition is hosted at harvest time in gratitude for the abundant crops.


Below is our take on the most recommended Sumbawa tourisms as we divide into four main areas:

West Sumbawa Regency

West Sumbawa regency is a wide fertile hilly area knitted together with terraced rice fields. Possessing one of Sumbawa’s biggest seaports, Poto Tono harbor, this area becomes the main entrance for tourists coming from Lombok island to Sumbawa.



“In the southeast part of west Sumbawa regency, there is Maluk beach with ferocious surf.”



Those who plan overland trip around this regency, you better start from Mantar village, 40 km from Poto Tono harbor. Located in an isolated highland (more than 3000 above sea level), the village offers dazzling sunset with green hills and bustling harbor in the background. Take a stroll around the area and be ready to be fascinated by colorful traditional wooden stilt houses built along the stony pathway.


From the hamlet, continue your trip to Mumber cave. Though the cave is totally dark, you will be in awe as you go deeper inside. Mumber cave has a natural huge pillar which seems like serving as the main feature keeping the cave from collapsing.



Pretty Vista of Maluk Beach


In the southeast part of west Sumbawa regency, there is Maluk beach with ferocious surf. Dubbed as Super Suck, the waves form pipelines with height of more than two meters. Due to the challenging surf, Maluk becomes the second surf magnet in Sumbawa after Lakey beach in Dompu regency.


Just several minute-drive from Maluk beach, Kalela waterfall is waiting. This attraction offers a stunning view as the water falls from a high staircase-like cliff to a pristine natural pool. The bluish water in the pool will instantly tempt you to swim.

Sumbawa Regency

Sumbawa regency is home to Barapan Kebo and Barempuk. The cultural attractions are practiced throughout the regency, but mostly they are held in Pamulung traditional village. There is no exact schedule for the traditions as they are held according to planting and harvest time.


Take a day to wander around the capital of the regency, Sumbawa Besar, and visit two historical sites in the town, Dalam Loka Palace and Bala Kuning (The Yellow House). The palace which is now functioned as museum preserves priceless antique collection depicting the long history of Sumbawa regency. Composited of two identical wooden stilt houses, the royal house is dubbed as the largest stilt house in the world. As for Bala Kuning which is home to Sumbawa Sultans and family, you will find the kingdom’s several magical properties like Bodong, Sarpedang, Kamutar Umbrella and Tear (spear).



“For best vacation, you better come to Moyo island located off the north coast.”



There is a megalithic tombs found in this regency which are said of having connection to those in Sumba island by judging the ornaments carved on the tombs. The complex which is located on Mt. Ai Renung has seven huge tombs rested away from each other. Near by the complex, about 2km, there is Liang Petang (Dark Cave), with stalactites and stalagmites resembling humans and weaving looms.



Stunning Mata Jitu Waterfall on Moyo Island


Having exploring the megalithic site, take a time to sun bathe on Sili and Maci beaches. Boasting huge and long surf, those beaches are said of having the third best wave in the world after Hawaii and Tahiti. Local people commonly refer those two beaches as one (Sili-Maci beach) as they are adjacent to each other.


For best vacation, you better come to Moyo island located off the north coast. On your arrival, a stretch of pristine white sandy beaches will welcome you. Snorkel around the shallow beaches and discover the scenic underwater view. In the afternoon, come to Ai Manis beach to enjoy a mesmerizing sunset. Deeper inside this island, you will be amazed by pretty Mata Jitu waterfall (also known as Queen Waterfall). The blue-colored waterfall has natural terraced pools which will be the best place for relaxing swimming.

Dompu Regency

“Owning 8-meter high right hand wave, Lakey beach has been chosen several times as the host of world-class surfing competitions.”



Located mostly on foothill of Mount Tambora, the area of Dompu regency is mainly highlands surrounded by savanna with many pumice stones scattering around. Many of the local people take advantage of the landscape to herd their horses. In a particular month every year, traditional horse race will be held in Lepadi. What’s so interesting from the race is all the participants must be below twelve years old.



Tambora Crater by Andrey Filonov


Aside from the legendary Tambora, another most popular spot in Dompu is Lakey beach, Sumbawa’s prime year-round surf magnet. Owning 8-meter high right hand wave, Lakey beach has been chosen several times as the host of world-class surfing competitions. Due to the beach’s strong wind, kite surfing can be a good alternative sport done on this beach.



Salt Lake Inside Satonda Island


Off the north coast, there is a small ring-shapped island named Satonda. Beautifully rests in the center of the island is huge salt water lake inhabited by pretty 5 cm long fish. White sandy beaches surrounding the island are fine snorkeling spot as the wave are calm.

Bima Regency

People in Bima regency is well-known as the most strict Muslims among other Muslims in southeast Indonesia. Hence, we strongly suggest you to wear proper dress if you plan to visit Bima to show respect to local values.



“Beaches in Bima are easily accessible as most of them are located nearby district roads.”



Your trip to Bima can be started from the regency’s capital city, Bima, where many historical sites take place. Stoke your curiosity about the history of Dou Mbojo, Bima’s native ethnic group, in Asi Mbojo museum. The museum will treat you to unique ancient royal properties like gold crown, jewels, ceremonial equipment and gold and silver tableware. Meanwhile, for those hoping to know more about history of the spread of Islam in Bima, visit Tolobali burial complex in which two influential religious figures during Bima Sultanate era were buried.


Bajo Pulo

Coastal Area of Bajo Island by Awaluddin Tahir


Beaches in Bima are easily accessible as most of them are located nearby district roads. Beaches on the western and northern coast are mostly crowded and not so panoramic. But you may like beaches along the eastern coast including Loka To’i and Oi Tu’i beach which are less well-known. Since many of you tend to seek after lonely beach, we suggest you to visit Bajo island. So far, the beach on the island is kept undiscovered and only visited by local people. So, here on the island, you will enjoy private vacation while enjoying weird-shaped rock cliff.


Animal lovers especially snake lovers are advised to visit Snake island off the northeast coast. As the name implies, the tiny coral island is full of pretty stripped silver and black sea snakes. Don’t worry as the snakes are tame and not poisonous, hence you can play with them safely.


Sumbawa is like a buried pearl. This beautiful island boasts countless tourism spots but only a few which have been managed well by local government. To discover the hidden Sumbawa tourism, consult and plan your trip now.

Mt. Tambora

Caldera of mount Tambora is one of the ancient caldera in Indonesia that was formed due to its weather-altering eruption in early 1800s.

What is Mt. Tambora

Lakey Beach

This beach is a truly surfers paradise. The huge wave on Lakey is a kind of rare surf as it sweeps to the left.

What is Lakey Beach

Maluk Beach

Because of its challenging and strong wave, international surfing championships are frequently held here.

What is Maluk Beach

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