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“Culture is one of the chief tourist attractions throughout the landmass.”



Sulawesi is an Indonesian island with unique topographical condition. The island of 172,000 square km is shaped like a giant “K” which is formed by four separate peninsulas. The interior is largely made up of a ring of mountains and dense jungle which teems with wildlife including rare nocturnal tarsiers and colorful maleo birds. But, major low-land with rice farms can be found in the south peninsula.



“The surrounding islands offer some fun stuff to do.”



Culture is one of the chief tourist attractions throughout the landmass. On southern highland, indigenous Toraja attract tourists with their vibrant funeral ceremony in which buffaloes and pigs are sacrificed. Minahasans are mainly found in northern peninsula. Meet the people and enjoy their tasty dishes of everything from stewed rat to grilled fish.


The surrounding islands offer some fun stuff to do. The beaches around Togean islands in the north of east peninsula are the best spots to soak up under tropical sunshine. For fabulous diving experience, come to Bunaken island off the far north coast. This island features one of Indonesia’s best sea gardens which is suitable for those looking for either tuna or barracuda.


Here are the most iconic attractions in Sulawesi you can find in its four out of six regencies:

South Sulawesi

Makassar is the prime city in South Sulawesi. Located on southeast coastal area, Makassar becomes the major transit point for ships coming from Java, Bali or Kalimantan. Spending a day or two in this town is worth it. As a port town, Makassar offers the spiciest seafood compared to other areas in Sulawesi.



Lemo Burial Complex in Tana Toraja by Marji Lang Photography


Within the same town, you can take a fun time on Bira beach. The condition of the white sandy beach is clean and the water is clear. This beach is most recommended for active travelers as there are many water-sport equipment for rent along the beach.



“The most anticipated attraction in Tana Toraja is its unique burial rite.”



The view of vast coastal salt farms will be changed by green rice terraces as soon as you reach Tana Toraja highland. As the residential area of indigenous Toraja, the area offers opportunity to explore Toraja’s culture from distinctive local-style architecture to their social life.


The most anticipated attraction in Tana Toraja is its unique burial rite. During the funeral, the deceased will be delivered to the grave yard after being preserved for a long period. The way Torajans entomb the dead bodies are very uncommon. Instead of burying the dead bodies under the ground, they are kept in holes on rock cliff or in the caves. Animal lovers may skip the rite as it includes horrifying sacrifices of buffaloes and pigs.

Central Sulawesi

“The islands are the great place for those who look for an ultimate tropical setting to relax.”



Central Sulawesi is becoming more popular among tourists thanks to its remarkable marine tourism. The prime tourist spot in this area is Togean islands which lie around Tomini gulf. The islands are the great place for those who look for an ultimate tropical setting to relax. The view of the islands is definitely stunning. The pristine white sandy beaches are fringed with coconut palms and hardwoods. The diving spots are also exceptional as they feature a rich mixed bag of reef and pelagic fish species.


Togean Islands

Exquisite View of Togean Islands


The area bordering Central Sulawesi and South Sulawesi features a lake with beach-like view called Poso lake. The condition of the lake is pristine and the water is blue. The same as beaches, the edge of the lake is surrounded by golden sands. The lake is very quiet that will be suitable for those looking for serenity.

North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi comprises of small area but it surprisingly presents endless nature wonders. The entire area of land is occupied with climbable active volcanoes. Meanwhile the forest offers a priceless opportunity to spot endemic species such as the tarsier and the crested macaque. Both of the animals will be abundantly found within Tangkoko Natural Reserve.



“The marine species is diverse that you can even find barracuda, humped wrasse and a group of tuna sharing one diving spot.”



Neighboring with the park is Tomohon city. The little town boasts great eco-tourism as most of the area is kept untouched. One of highlights of Tomohon is Linow lake. The lake contains high concentration of sulfur which causes the water to change its color. The air is fresh and the situation is peaceful in the lake, making it a good place for relaxing.



Underwater Diversity in Bunaken


Bunaken Marine Reserve off the north coast provides you with world-class diving experience. Around this attraction you will find the most beautiful corals in the world. The marine species is diverse that you can even find barracuda, humped wrasse and a group of tuna sharing one diving spot.


Divers that love tiny critters are best off around Lembeh island. The island is most well-known diving site in Indonesia if it comes to muck diving. Here under the sea, seahorses, nudibranches and other small marine species are everywhere to be seen around the island.

Sotheast Sulawesi

“The area wonderfully features 750 out of 850 species of coral existing in the world.”




Shoreline of Wakatobi Marine Reserve by Jenny


Southeast Sulawesi tourism mainly centers in its capital city, Kendari. Some kilometers off the southeast coast of the town, you’ll arrive in this area’s chief attraction known as Wakatobi Marine Reserve. The reserve is well-known for its fine dive zone. Coral species within the park is said to be the richest one. The area wonderfully features 750 out of 850 species of coral existing in the world.


Moramo waterfall is a pristine cascade hidden deep in the jungle of Kendari. The waterfall consists of seven levels of small waterfalls with shallow pools. Due to its hidden location, the attraction is rarely visited by tourists. Hence, delightful silence will be the first impression as you arrive in the waterfall.


Sulawesi is heaven for tropical marine tourism enthusiasts. The land also offers a valuable experience of learning outstanding culture of one of Indonesia’s most famous tribes. Visit Sulawesi and discover the surprises the island has to offer.

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is the center of Toraja people which is famous for its notable Tongkonan house and its burial complex. Another must-see cultural interest is its festive burial ceremony.

What is Tana Toraja

Rammang-rammang village

Pristine remote village, Rammang-Rammang village features extensive karst formation that becomes the second biggest in the world after the Stone Forest in China.

What is Rammang-Rammang Village

Wakatobi Marine Park

Wakatobi is another famous diving spot in Sulawesi. It houses more than fifty percent of world's coral species.

What is Wakatobi marine Park

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