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“Gili islands are the most favorite snorkeling sites in Lombok.”



What’s so interesting from Lombok island is its mostly unspoiled natural attractions. Most of the areas of Lombok are lowland dominated by rolling fields. The highest point of the island is mount Rinjani which is located in the northern part. The volcano is the icon of Lombok as there is lake nestles on the peak. Beaches in Lombok are very quiet, making them the best place for Lombok private getaway.



“Many of the people continue to live in thatch-roofed houses in small traditional villages.”



Gili islands are the most favorite snorkeling sites in Lombok. The islands are surrounded by calm beaches which becomes habitat for colorful corals. Schooling fish and sea turtles are abundant within the area. The water is very clear that you don’t even need to dive into water to enjoy the underwater view.


The island of 4.725 km²-wide is home to conservative Sasak ethnic group. Many of the people continue to live in thatch-roofed houses in small traditional villages. Annually, they host Bau Nyale ritual to remind them about the legend of Princess Mandalika. Wedding in Lombok are still practiced based on traditional system, that is, the groom should kidnap the bride before the wedding day. Sasak features many other unique traditions and it’s yours to find out more.


Find out the iconic travel destinations in Lombok’s four main areas reviewed below:

West Lombok

Hitting Mataram will be a good start to begin your Lombok overland trip. Just several minute-drive northwest of the downtown, Malimbu hill area awaits. The highland offers fantastic view of sandy beach surrounded by lush green vegetation. You can even see Bali’s mount Agung looming up in distance. The view will surely tempt you to explore Lombok further.



The View of Malimbu Hill


Within the same town, you’ll discover the largest temple in Lombok called Mayura temple complex. Sacred atmosphere is strong within the complex even before you enter the area. At the gateway, all visitors are required to wear red shawl around the waists with different knot positions symbolizing marital status.



“Combination of the waterfall and the calm wave make Nambung beach a must visit destination in West Lombok.”



West Lombok is widely well-known for its scenic beaches. Among the many beaches, Senggigi beach gains the most visitations. Senggigi offers an extensive coast as it is located along a cape. The clear blue water of the beach is so captivating that tourists can’t resist swimming.


On the southern coast, you’ll find another famous beach named Nambung beach. There is something unique on the beach. At the end of the beach, there is salty waterfall hidden among the cliff. Combination of the waterfall and the calm wave make Nambung beach a must visit destination in West Lombok.


Peaceful beach vacation is better done on Sekotong beach. As a new invented attraction in Lombok, Sekotong is still rarely visited by tourists. The proximity of Sekotong to Gili Nanggu is another plus point of the beach after the serenity. Go on boat and head for the quite island for more private holiday in West Lombok.


Gili Nanggu

Pristine Beach on Gili Nanggu

Central Lombok

Becoming the center of Sasak’s residential area, central Lombok is distinguished as the destination of Lombok’s culture tour. Among the many traditional villages in this region, Sade village is most visited one. One noticeable thing in the village is the traditional houses. Shaped in a curved triangle, the house is made of woven bamboo as the wall and thatch as the roof. The house floors, meanwhile, are uniquely made of a mixture of clay, buffalo’s excrement and thatch ash. Visiting the village you’ll have plenty opportunity to learn about Sasak’s traditions including their traditional food security system.



“Numerous untouched beaches can be found stretching along the southern coast of Central Lombok.”



Each year, all Sasakneses will gather in central Bali to partake in Bau Nyale. During the ritual, all Sasakneses gather on Central Lombok’s Kuta beach to catch colorful sea worm together. The ritual is closely related to the legend of Princess Mandalika who once was the prettiest princess in Lombok.


Kuta beach

Kuta Beach Surrounded by Cone-Shaped Hills


Numerous untouched beaches can be found stretching along the southern coast of Central Lombok. Selong Belanak and Mawi are two recommended beaches among the others in the area. The difficult access to get to the beaches may be one reason why Selong Belanak and Mawi is rarely visited by travelers. However, it’s because of the point that the beaches are best for private vacation.

East Lombok

East Lombok is the area where Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s fourth highest mountain, is located. Many travelers have climbed as high as 3.726 meter only to discover the volcano’s top secret. As you reach the top, the beauty of lake Segara Anak will make you stand in amazement. The view of the lake is so mystical as the water is magically as blue as the sea.


Segara Anak

Lake Segara Anak in the Morning


Each part of Lombok has many scenic beaches but the most unique one is in east Lombok which commonly called as Pink beach. The soft pink color of the sand makes the mood of the beach is so romantic. Walking barefoot along the beach will make your time on the beach more enjoyable.


Explore the northern coast of East Lombok and you’ll find a list of attractive beaches. Located on winding cape, the beaches feature rolling shorelines with soft white sand. On the background, green hills are everywhere to be seen. Some beaches you’ll find within the area are Ekas Bay beach, Kaliantan beach and Surga beach.

North Lombok

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are the main reasons people visit North Lombok for vacation. As Those gili islands are most famous for its underwater view. The calm beaches surrounding the islands are fine places whether to spot friendly sea turtles or colorful schooling fish. On the sea floor, an array of hard corals is abundant. Gili Trawangan is crowded most of the time, thus we suggest Gili Meno and Gili Air for better relaxing vacation.


Gili Trawangan

Snorkeling in Gili Trawangan



“The remote area of North Lombok also offers a list of hidden waterfalls like Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep and Tiu Pupus.”



People think that there are no more attractions in north Lombok except the three famous gili islands. But, if you explore this area deeper, you will find countless hidden paradises. Spend a night in Bayan village which is famous for its Islamic cultural tourism. This village is home to Bayan ethnic group who still pay homage to Wetu Telu, indigenous Islamic belief in Lombok. Interact with locals and visit the old Bayan mosque named Bayan Beleq to discover the history and uniqueness of this ethnic group. Another must-visit village in north Lombok is Sembalun village. The village will make you stand in awe due to its breathtaking major view of green terraced vegetable field.



Sembalun Village Located on Mountain Slope


The remote area of North Lombok also offers a list of hidden waterfalls like Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep and Tiu Pupus. All of those waterfalls are still rarely visited by tourists so the water is still very clean and fresh.


Lombok is a tranquil island encompassing a lot of secluded attractions which will give you the real experience of uniting with nature. Now, the wait is over. It’s the time for you to discover and experience the essence of this beautiful island.

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi is the most iconic beach in Lombok that offers an extensive white sandy shoreline. This beach is surrounded by complete tourist facilities that mostly are luxury.

What is Senggigi Beach

Three Gili Islands

Three Gili Islands are the most famous gili in Lombok. Encompassing Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air, those places are the best for whether party lovers, happy couples or solo adventurers.

What is Three Gili Islands

Sade Village

As Sasak dwelling place, this traditional village exposes the secrets of the tribe starting from its architecture, culture and arts.

What is Sade Village

Mt. Rinjani

Rinjani is one of must-hike mountains in Indonesia not only because its height but also for the beautiful lake nestling on the summit.

What is Mt. Rinjani

Bau Nyale Festival

Bau Nyale is a tradition to honor Sasaknese's legendary Princess Mandalika. This ritual is the best event to learn more about Sasaknese's performing art.

What is Bau Nyale Festival

Surga Beach

Just like the name, Surga (meaning paradise) beach is like a heaven. This beach is not touristy that it offers tranquility and virgin natural beauty.

What is Surga Beach

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