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Morning Hustle and Bustle in Labuan Bajo by Pande Putu



“Catholicism and supernatural beliefs are practiced at the same time in Flores.”



Flores island, located in east portion of Sunda Lesser islands, can be likened to a country. The 14,300 km²-wide island is occupied by tens of ethnic groups which form separate communities with distinctive characteristics and traditions. Most of the people are very conservative that they continue living in isolated ancient villages up on highlands. Visiting the villages, somehow, will give you an experience of getting back in time.



“As a laid-back island, best kept secret attractions are everywhere to be discovered in Flores.”



Catholicism and supernatural beliefs are practiced at the same time in Flores. The people go to churches every day. However, at different time, they’ll host rituals to honor their ancestors’ spirits and gods. Acculturation between Catholicism and tradition is best exemplified by Semana Santa. Partake in the event and experience the sacred Easter welcoming tradition that only exists in Flores.


As a laid-back island, best kept secret attractions are everywhere to be discovered in Flores. Smoking volcanoes, unique rice fields and crater lakes will be surely encountered during your overland trip. Go further to the remote areas and find hidden beaches and unexplored waterfalls resting in peace.


Below we provide you with brief information on must-visit attractions in Flores.

Manggarai Regency

Manggarai is the most favorite starting point for any visit to Flores as it boasts a booming tourist town Labuan Bajo. Located on the west coast, the town becomes the main hub connecting Flores to its most popular attraction the islands of Komodo. It’s also in this town where tourists visiting the park will find accommodation.



“Don’t miss a chance to visit Flores’ UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site in Wae Rebo village.”



Do you hope to see rice field with different view? Then, make sure Ruteng is your next destination. In the capital city of Manggarai, you’ll encounter Lingko rice field which is famous for its spider web rice plot arrangement. To get the best view of the farm, hike on a hill and enjoy the eye-catching green giant spider web.


Don’t miss a chance to visit Flores’ UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site in Wae Rebo village. The village offers you opportunity to see Manggarai’s unique traditional houses which shape like a circular cone. Experience the struggle the people face to survive in the isolated area up on highland with no electricity. Be prepared before visiting the site as the trip involves 4-hour long trekking through steep hills.



Wae Rebo Village Panorama in the Morning


To explore Manggarai will need more just a day. This regency boasts many other places of interest including Cunca Rami waterfall with its many pretty pools and the great green-watered volcanic lake Sano Nggoang. Do you want to see caves with unique view? Come to Laing Bua cave where you’ll find “Flores hobbits” fossils and Batu Cermin cave which is formed from mirror-like rocks.

Ngada Regency

“The many number of megalithic complexes spreading in this area, Ngada regency is popular as the center of megalithic culture in Flores.”



The best destination to see ancient megalithic site is Bena village. The first eye-cather of the village is the distinctive thatch-roofed houses that are arranged facing one another. Wander around the village and you’ll find several huge megaliths which mark ancient graves. Judging from the condition and the absence of production year, the megalith may date back to hundreds years ago. Near by the village, you’ll find Wawo Muda crater (also popular as Mini Kelimutu) located on the mount Inierie’s slope.



Wawo Muda Crater Lake Gets Dry in Summer


Eastern coast of Ngada, particularly around Riung bay, is a fine place for snorkeling and diving. Located in an isolated coastal area, the untouched beaches surrounding the bay offer tranquil and private snorkeling experience. People commonly refer the dive site as Seventeen Islands Marine Park.


Before leaving Ngada, take a day rest in relaxing Mengeruda hot springs in the regency’s capital, Bajawa. Treat yourself to beautiful view of surrounding shady woods while taking a dip in the hot springs’ natural pool. Believed to have curative effect for those suffering from any skin diseases, the hot springs always draws a lot of visitors.

Ende Regency

Have you ever imagined a lake can change its water color? For Kelimutu lake, the matter is quite possible. Located on the top of mount Kelimutu, the crater lake features not only one, but three lakes boasting three different water colors at once. What’s so magical from the lakes is the water colors will change into three other different colors almost every year. There is local mystical story underlying the change and it’s yours to discover.


Semana Santa

Colorful Water of Lake Kelimutu


If you fancy seeing beach with different view, Ende’s Blue Stone beach is your next stop then. As the name implies, you’ll find tons of vibrant blue pebbles scattering along the dark sandy beaches. Swimming on this beach will be very fascinating as you’ll be accompanied by locals who are mining for the antique stones.


History lovers may visit exile home of Indonesia’s founding father Ir. Soekarno in Ende town. Be inspired by the story about struggles Ir. Soekarno underwent during his 4-year long exile. And discover how he managed to formulate Pancasila, Indonesia’s official philosophical foundation, during the hard time.


Do you hope to learn how to make Flores’ popular art work, Ikat weaving? Come to Tenun Ikat museum. The museum’s skilled staff will teach you the steps to make the handicraft starting from yarn spinning, yarn dyeing to weaving process.

Sikka Regency

“Boasting distinctive marine biodiversity, Sikka is distinguished as fine diving destination in eastern part of Flores.”



Among the many diving areas in Sikka, Maumere Bay Sea park is the most popular one. Diving in this park, you’ll have a chance to see rare marine species such as pearl oysters, endangered giant clams and pretty sea horses.



Koka beach is Empty of Travelers Most of the Time


Those who prefer leisure activity, lounging on Koka beach will be a good choice. While playing around, you’ll be also treated to mountain view and pristine emerald green water. In the afternoon, continue your trip to Waiara beach to catch mesmerizing sunset with pristine and calm beach on the background.


Come to Nilo hill and enjoy the holistic view of Sikka’s capital city, Maumere. Boasting a giant Maria statue, the hill is also famous as pilgrimage destination for Catholics.

East Flores Regency

“Famous for its Semana Santa, legendary Easter welcoming tradition, east Flores regency is the Vatican for Catholics in Flores.”



Semana Santa is the most important event hold in Flores that is even merrier than Christmas celebration. The tradition which is host in Larantuka interests all Catholics in Flores to join. The most sacred and important part of the procession is Sesta Vera during which the sacred statues of Tuan Ma (Maria) and Tuan Ana (Jesus Christ) are paraded around Larantuka. Throughout the core event, the entire pilgrims walk in a line while carrying candles and solemnly reciting prayers and songs of praise. Join in the parade and discover the essence of Semana Santa yourselves.


Semana Santa

Tuan Ma Statue being Paraded during Semana Santa by Valentino Luiz


Off the east coast, you’ll find two untouched islands, Solor and Adonara. Isolation and unspoiled wilderness make those islands are distinguished as an excellent private getaway in Flores.


Flores is the paradise for those who look for serene place to relax. So, make sure Flores is on your list of next vacation and find more what surprises the land has to offer.

Komodo Islands

Do you know Komodo dragons which is said as the biggest living lizard on earth? The dinosaur-like animal roam freely on the islands. Coming here, you may feel like having a journey in Jurrassic World.

What is Komodo Islands

Lake Kelimutu

Lake Kelimutu is a rare phenomenon where one crater has three lakes with three different water colors. Even greater, the water in each lake can change into different color in unpredictable period.

What is Lake Kelimutu

Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo Village is one of Flores' UNESCO World Heritage. This isolated place will give a one-day experience of being traditional Manggarai people.

What is Wae Rebo Village

Bena Village

Bena is another traditional village occupied by a small community of tribesman which still practices megalithic belief.

What is Bena Village

Seventeen Islands Marine Park

Do you want to snorkel or dive in a private beach? The answer is Seventeen Island Sea Garden. The secluded area makes the marine life here healthy and natural.

What is Seventeen Islands Marine Park

Maumere Bay Marine Park

This Sea Park is the best destination in Flores to meet giant clams that are starting to extinct.

What is Maumere Bay Marine Park

Semana Santa

Semana Santa is the most festive Easter celebration in Indonesia. For Flores Catholics, this ritual is seemingly more important and sacred than Christmas celebration.

What is Semana Santa

Koka Beach

Undiscovered paradise, Koka beach guarantees an unforgettable private vacation with complete serenity and unbelievable beauty.

What is Koka Beach

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