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Top 10 Mountains With Stunning Summit Views

If you have always wanted to hike beautiful mountain just so you can feel that ‘I have just done it. I know I can do it’ feeling and take magnificent summit pictures so you can emerge kiteessay.com any insta-envy towards your friends and followers, then visiting Indonesia will be a huge shot to satisfy whatever ...


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Manta Point : 6 of the Best in Indonesia

Are you looking for diving destination for your next trip? The best answer will be Indonesia. This is not a lie. All territory of this country lies within the famous Coral Triangle which teems with the world’s seo-smart most diverse marine life. Each of its islands offers great chances of enjoying an array of underwater ...


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5 Indonesia’s Most Attractive Lakes

Indonesia has been known as a destination of adventure perfect for nature lovers. Attractive nature wonders are dotted the entire country. The islands are hemmed on all sides by white sand and turquoise shores. SeoSmart Most of its area is off the beaten track teeming with exotic wild life, winding rivers and hidden waterfalls. Lakes, ...


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7 Rituals You Can Only Find in Bali

Spending holiday in Bali is probably what most of the people in this world wish to do. It is not surprising, since this island of Gods has lots of gorgeous beaches with fabulous private resorts. Not to mention https://essaysbuy.net/custom-writing-service the other tourism sites that really make you feel grateful of what nature presents to you. ...


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The Best Wildlife Watching Spots

Located just on the equator and included in the rich coral triangle, Indonesia is blessed with countless of invaluable biodiversity both on the land and in the sea. This time, we are showing you the best places https://essaysbuy.net/essay-writing-service to get close up experience with Indonesian wildlife especially the endemic terrestrial species.     Tanjung Puting ...


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Lombok’s Hidden Gems for Extraordinary Adventure

What do you know about Lombok tourism other than gili islands, Senggigi and Rinjani mountain? There are absolutely lots more. In fact, what you know about Lombok recreational spots are not even half of the EssayswebBased entire number. While many say that Lombok is the twin counterpart of Bali, Lombok actually offers distinctive charms that ...


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Dieng Travel Guide

The second highest plateau worldwide with inhabitants after Nepal, Dieng is the icon of nature wonder in Central Java. It's a place where you can enjoy a clear view of seven mountain only by standing anywhere ownessay.com within the area. Rolling hills and historical sites make up a perfect landscape across the highland. While Arjuna ...


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Deadly Volcanoes on Java You Must Explore

Located within the “Ring of Fire” area and between two tectonic plates, Indonesia is home to the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Most of them are still active with frequent small eruption and spewing hot clouds. It’s absolutely dangerous but tough mountaineers never hold anything back for the sake of the piece of heaven ...


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Tour de Flores

Five years after Tour de Lombok-Sumbawa was held, this year, it’s the time for Flores to host the worldwide bike race. There were amazingly more than 200 racers from 21 countries joining in this event. The starting point was located in Larantuka, a small town on the easternmost side of Flores that becomes the center ...


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