The Island of Gods


“The fine mixture between complex cultures, arts and natural beauty makes Bali a destination of excellence.”



Bali is an Indonesian island located very near to Java island. You just need 30 minute-boat riding east of Java to reach Bali. Inhabited by mostly Hindus, the 5.780 km²-wide island is dubbed as “The island of Gods.”


Rituals and traditional beliefs play the most important role in Bali’s culture. All Balinese always base their moves on their traditional belief. In worshiping, Balinese don’t only present flower offerings in temples that are commonly practice by Hindus. But, they also put the offerings in certain places that are considered as their sources of living. Hence, it will be a common view in Bali that offerings are put by the roads, in front of houses or even under a tree.


Traditional belief is even employed when Balinese build traditional houses. All components of the house should be managed according to directions and layout. Those two aspects are essential as they affect the people’s fortune.



“Besides real actions, Balinese’s appreciation of nature is mainly symbolized by various rituals.”



Tradition in Bali teaches the people to appreciate nature, making the people always keep balance of nature at its best. Beaches, mountain, lakes, rice fields and the land’s other natural wonders are kept pristine and unspoiled. No wonder that the exoticism of the island’s landscape draws tourists to continuously come to Bali.



Kecak Dance Performance Looks Dramatic at Night


Besides real actions, Balinese’s appreciation of nature is mainly symbolized by various rituals. Purnama Tilem celebration, for instance, is a cultural ceremony hosted during full moon and dark moon. The rituals aim at reminding people that dualism is real. Other sacred cultural and religious rituals can be found everywhere in Bali all year round.


Dances are another important aspect in Balinese culture. They are mainly expressions of ideas or concepts. But some dances have ritual significance. In this case, the dancers don’t only move but they also communicate with their gods or ancestors’ spirits. Among the many dances, Kecak, Pendet, Barong and Legong are the most iconic ones.


The fine mixture between complex cultures, arts and natural beauty makes Bali a destination of excellence. It’s not always festivity that people look for in Bali as for most people Bali is the land of inspiration, dream and serenity.


Here are Bali top five areas you can visit.

South Bali

South Bali is the best place for having fun in Bali as it is home the land’s most visited tourism spots. Boasting popular beaches with exceptional charms, the area is the ideal place to enjoy seasides in different ways. Festive Kuta beach is the best place for surfing and make friends, while exclusive Nusa Dua beach is perfect for private getaway.


nasya maulita - nusa dua beach

Nusa Dua is an all-in exclusive area with private beach as one of the facility



Enjoying beautiful sunset view on calm Sanur beach will be best way to start your day before hitting Tanjung Benoa which is famous as the paradise of water sports. Are you looking for romantic getaway? Come to Jimbaran beach at night. Renowned for its tasty seafood culinary, the beach will treat you and your partner to a dreamy candle light dinner.


” South Bali is the best place for having fun in Bali as it is home the land’s most visited tourism spots.”


Bali is wellknow as “The island of the thousands temples” and one of its unique temples, Uluwatu temple, is built in South Bali. What’s so special from this temple is not the architecture but the location.  Set on the cliff of 70 metres high, Uluwatu takes a stretch of breathtaking blue ocean as the backdrop. Imagine yourself standing on the tip of the cliff. You’ll fresh breeze smoothly cares your face.


Sunset at Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu temple is one of the most dramatic spot to enjoy sunset in Bali


Longing to enjoy Balinese artistic attractions?  Visit Bali Art Center then. On your arrival, a huge Balinese temple-like gate will welcome you. In a certain month, the place hosts Bali Artistry Party during which you can enjoy many attractions including Bali’s traditional dances, parade and exhibition.

East Bali

” Home to Bali’s biggest temple, Besakih, east Bali is the best destination for religious vacation.”


East Bali is the right place for tourists who prefer quieter place for vacation. The area boasts majestic wonders but it’s poor that only a few serious tourists visit the place. The reason may because of the absence of essential tourist facilities such as strategic accommodation and transportation. Signs showing directions of each tourist attractions are even nowhere to be found. However, it’s because of that we can enjoy the essence of Bali in its eastern part.


Entrance of Besakih Mother Temple

Entrance of Besakih Mother Temple


Home to Bali’s biggest temple, Besakih, east Bali is the best destination for religious vacation. Named “the Mother Temple,” Besakih functions as the center of Hindu religious activities in Bali. The presence of Bali’s highest mount, Agung volcano, on the backdrop, makes the temple look so mystical. Both the mount and the temple are very essential to Balineses as the sacred places are believed to be home of Hindu’s supreme gods.


“Eastern coast of Bali, especially around Amed and Tulamben beaches, is home to best kept secret dive spots in the island.”


Just several kilometers northwest of mount Agung, Mt. Batur looms up majestically. On top of the volcano, crescent-shaped like caldera awaits. Sunrise view on the mount’s summit is exceptional as you’ll see glimmering lake Batur on the background. Biodiversity around mount Batur is well preserved, making the area listed as UNESCO Global Geopark Network in 2012.


Lake Batur view

Lake Batur view seen from Mt. Batur Slope


Eastern coast of Bali, especially around Amed and Tulamben beaches, is home to best kept secret dive spots in the island. Amed seems not so much attractive due to its black sandy beach. However, when you dive into the water, you will be amazed by the many species of fauna exist there like anemone, giant clam, angel fish and scorpion fish. Tulamben beach is equally charming as on its sea floor there is the shipwreck of American USAT Liberty.

Central Bali

The main attraction surely drawing your attention in Central Bali is UNESCO Protected Rice Field in Jatiluwih village. What makes the rice farm world heritage is its unique water management system commonly called as Subak system. As traditional cooperative water management system, Subak is a complex mixture of technology and culture. Water is managed from a temple built on the middle of the field before it is distributed to every terrace. Trekking through the field is the best way to enjoy this natural Bali.


Penebel - Jatiluwih

Jatiluwih’s vibe in early morning


In addition to agriculture, Central Bali has two renowned temples called Tanah Lot temple and Ulun Danu Beratan temple. Tanah Lot temple is famous due to its unique location – on a 3-acre rock located several meters from seashore. Ulun Danu Beratan temple also has its own uniqueness. Built at the edge of Lake Beratan, this temple looks like floating when the water rises.


Sunset at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot with its golden sunset


Do you want to see traditional Bali at its best? Ubud village is the right place. Visiting this village, we will discover the charm of Balinese traditional houses and the people’s unique interaction with both one another and their God. Before leaving this village don’t forget to play around with wild monkeys in Monkey forest, shop for souvenirs in Ubud Art Market and take a stroll around wonderful Tegalalang terraced rice field.

West Bali

Located in the westernmost tip of Bali island, west Bali becomes the closest area to Java island. Balinese culture is less noticeable in the area as it’s largely occupied by Javanese immigrants.


jalak bali

The endangered bird of Jalak Bali is only found in West Bali National Park


East Bali features vast forest as its surrounded by several active volcanoes. Becoming the only natural habitat of Jalak Bali bird, the forest is the best place for spotting the Balinese endemic fauna. You can’t wander freely around the forest as it is restricted area within West Bali National Park. However, you’ll be allowed to do any tourism activities around Terima bay where you’ll encounter Jaya Prana temple. The temple offers you Balinese popular romantic legend between Jayaprana and Layonsari.

North Bali

North Bali is well-known as the biggest fruit-producing region in Bali as it is located on hills with relatively dry weather. The most famous commodity produced by this region is Salak Bali, typical salak (or snake fruit) from Bali.


“This beautiful Menjangan island is famous among diving lovers as it has superb underwater view.”


Differ from other parts of Bali, coastal area in north Bali mainly features black sandy beaches. If the beach is not interesting to you, go on a boat and sail further to the sea where you can spot group of dolphins leaping out of water. For the best dolphin-watching, come to Lovina beach in early morning as the smart mammals mainly appear during the time.


Another magnificent tourist attraction in North Bali is Menjangan island, a small and pristine uninhabited island off the west coast of Bali island. Menjangan island is actually a part of West Bali National Park which becomes the original habitat of Javan deer or menjangan. This beautiful island is famous among diving lovers as it has amazing underwater view.


Menjangan Island

Menjanga island is a marine conservation area with intact coral reefs


Bali is so amazing, isn’t it? Various types of attractions exist on this sacred island. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of our Bali tour packages and make your vacation in Bali worth it.

Ubud Village

Looking for the best Balinese art works? Ubud village is the answer. This village is the center of Balinese art and culture preservation which also home to most of prolific artists in Bali.

What is Ubud

Pura Besakih

Besakih is the mother temple in Bali. This temple compound evokes a strong spiritual feeling as it's located within the area of mount Agung, the most sacred mountain in Bali.

What is Pura Besakih

Pura Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is definitely a must-visit temple in Bali. You'll get two experiences at once only by visiting Tanah Lot - beach escape and spiritual allure.

What is Pura Tanah Lot

Pura Luhur Uluwatu

One of Bali's unique temples due to its extreme location. Located on the edge of a towering cliff by the sea, Uluwatu combines both cultural and natural beauty.

What is Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

People frequently call Ulun Danu Bratan a floating temple. This temple is located in a very strategic area which overlooking lake Beratan and a stretch of green hills. What a beautiful view!

What is Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Mt. Batur

This mountain is not higher than mount Agung but this definitely the number one hiking destination in Bali. What people go after from Batur is its panoramic sunrise and its clean crater lake.

What is Mt. Batur

Jatiluwih Rice Field

UNESCO listed this Bali's iconic rice field in World Heritage category. This heartwarming spot applies Subak for the irrigation system which shows how Balinese are both cooperative and religious people.

What is Jatiluwih Rice Field

Kuta Beach

The most lively beach in Bali, Kuta is well-known as hangout destination for both tourists and locals. It's like Bondy beach in Australia but with more people, bars and restaurants.

What is Kuta Beach

Nusa Dua

We call this place a high-end getaway with all luxury hotels and spa centers. This are is a true private vacation for ``high-class`` people.

What is Nusa Dua

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is one of Bali's most wanted destinations for marine life enthusiasts. As conservation area, the underwater biodiversity of this place is kept at its best.

What is Menjangan Island

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