Plaosan Temple

Temple of Lovers and Beauty Hunters

“ In Plaosan, you will not only find history and scenery but also story of love beyond religion belief “

While Prambanan temple got its fame partly from its sad-ending love history, Plaosan temple slowly stole public spotlight mainly from its romantic love story full of tolerance for any religious beliefs. It all began from the story of Rakai Pikatan, a devoted Hindu prince of Wijaya clan, who fell in love with princess of Buddhist family of Syailendra named Pramudyawardhani. Differing in belief didn’t stop them from loving each other. Instead, the couple cooperated to build the so called Plaosan temple as a tribute to the difference and as their show of limitless love manifestation. It’s this story that gives Plaosan its title as the most romantic temple in Jogjakarta.



Mystical view of Plaosan Temple by FLICKR@Henry Sudarman


The couple’s respect to each other’s religion stand came in the form of unique architecture which beautifully blends Buddhism and Hinduism aspects together. Plaosan is basically Buddhist temple with its huge shaped main temples. But looking at the many perwara (guarding) temples surrounding the main edifice you know it has a touch of Hinduism.

The love story aside, Plaosan temple is indeed a beautiful ancient complex with a perfect natural backdrop. It actually has two separate complexes, Plaosan Lor (north) and Plaosan Kidul (south). However, it’s only the former complex that survives to this modern era. The center of Plaosan Lor is a couple of two-stored temples facing each other. Strolling more the ground, you’ll find less than 50 remaining perwara temples lining in rectangle around the main temples.



The main temple in Plaosan Lor by FLICKR@Jimmy Kohar


What’s more uniquely interesting is relief on each main building – man relief on one of the temples and woman on the other one – that all carved in real size. It can’t be more romantic as it’s believed that those artworks represent how huge admiration the couple has for each other.

Plaosan Kidul, meanwhile, is only ruin with more piles of stone than the remaining destroyed buildings. However, looking at the pattern Plaosan Kidul temple has similar architecture to its counterpart, giving them another name as the twin temple.

You yourself can actually feel the lovey-dovey air the temple has to offer by connecting the story with the sleepy breezy scenery surrounding the scene. The complex perfectly sits in the middle of wide-spreading rice fields far from local housing. Coupled with mountain-view at the backdrop, the whole package of this attraction looks like a surreal masterpiece.  To capture more enchanting photographs of this spot, come at sunrise when all colors of nature beautifully blend together to your amazement.

But hey, if you need more convincing whether the temple is worth coming, there is a nice rumor for you : every couple coming here will end up getting married in near future. Don’t you want to prove it right?



Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for both local & foreigner tourists only need to pay donation of Rp 3.000 or more.

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