Top 10 Mountains in Indonesia With Stunning Views

Majestic Views Exist Only in the Land of Indonesia

If you have always wanted to hike beautiful mountain just so you can feel that ‘I have just done it. I know I can do it’ feeling and take magnificent summit pictures so you can emerge any insta-envy towards your friends and followers, then visiting Indonesia will be a huge shot to satisfy whatever it is to be your lust towards nature.


Being exactly in the meeting point of world tectonic plate, Indonesia sure has many mountains which can be classified into volcanos and inactive ones. The volcanos, in one hand, always offer some attractive views with its spewing lava and their smokes coming from the craters. The inactive mountains in the other hand offer an adorable experience in hiking highlands. However, almost all the mountains in Indonesia offer magnificent nature views regardless they are the active or the inactive ones.


Just to give you the best experience in trekking some mountain in Indonesia, we give you the top 10 mountain list with stunning views you would exactly love to climb into.



1. Mount Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara


Thrive to be the apex in this list, Mount Rinjani is exactly where you should go at least one in your lifetime. This mountain is located not far from Lombok island, West Nusa Tenggara. Apart from being adorned with super beautiful beaches around the area, the island is renowned for another excitement believed to be able to mesmerize many travelers to sink in a valley of admiration. Mount Rinjani is a gem amidst the paradise land of Lombok which is a good spot for every trekking lover to spend their good times in.

Segara anak lake in the at the vantage point of Mt. Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, towering over the island of Lombok within the Gunung Rinjani National Park. Apart from being one of the best Indonesian mountains to trek, it is also one of the most challenging! With its steep inclines and sliding sand paths, this difficult trek will test your concentration as well as your physical ability. With two to four days of demanding trekking, when you reach the summit you’ll get that “yes, I have made it to the top” feeling, followed by the silent appreciation of the jaw-dropping views. Enjoying the stunning forests and waterfalls, followed by the crater lake and volcanic valleys. This breathtaking scenery is what makes this journey memorable.

The summit view of Mount Rinjani

As Mount Rinjani is located in West Nusa Tenggara, a home to various nature wonders, the broader view on top of the mountain will exactly make you this feeling of ‘let us hike there once more time’.

A perfect place to set a camp while waiting for a majestic sunrise


2. Mount Bromo, East Java


The greatness of Mount Bromo is known broadly. Numerous hikers flock to this active volcano to catch the sun rising over an unearthly landscape of volcanoes and barren hills. Mt Bromo is the most icaonic mountain in Indonesia. If you want to have a broader vista with easy effort to reach it, Mount Bromo is exactly where you should be heading for. About 4 hours’ drive from the capital city of East Java, Surabaya, this mountain offers a brand new experience in nature sightseeing.

The impression of Mt. Bromo when you are in a vantage point

Mount Bromo’s location is one of the aspects rendering the mountain an ideal place to visit. As it is included in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National park, it is certain that the mountainous area grant you good times. While it may be small when measured against other mountains in Indonesia, the magnificent Mt Bromo will not disappoint with its spectacular views and dramatic landscapes. At 2,392 meters tall, Mt Bromo is not among the tallest of Indonesia’s mountains but its stunning beauty lies in its incredible setting.

Mt. Bromo’s lush landscape to make your day worthwhile.

To reach the beautiful viewing spot, you just have to hike into the right vantage points. Several viewing spots seem to be available aside from the mountain itself. If you happen to be in Malang city, you can head east for Penanjakan area, which is from this spot the vista is magnificent. All you will hear is the click of cameras as visitors snap their camera’s hoping to capture the incredible scene of Mt Bromo in the foreground with Mt Semeru smoking in the distance and the sun shining brightly, quickly rising in the sky.

The morning sun pouring the gleaming light into the surrounding area of Mt. Bromo

The next spot is from the mountain itself. Aside from being moderate, hiking to this spot will grant you advantages you will not find in the other spots. The first benefit is that you can see yourself the crater hole in the center of the mountain. Tengger people annually hold some ritual in the mountain to appease the anger and to hope for the blessing of their wealthy lives. Thus if you happen to visit the area during the ceremony, you will be lucky to witness some unique occurring.

Sandy environment looked from the top of the mountain.


3. Mount Semeru, East Java


Being favorite destination amongst travelers and always be thronged with numbers of nature fans, Mt Semeru is always included in top mountain list to visit. Towering the surrounding area at an altitude of 3676 meters above sea level, Mt Semeru is the highest mountain in Java Island. Thus being the highest in the island, naturally the scenery offered in the peak will be a vista with broader view towards the surrounding area which can be enjoyed in many beautiful spots during the hiking.

The highest peak towering the entire island of Java

There are beautiful posts (rest area) in your trekking toward the summit of Mt Semeru. The first point is in Ranu Pani, a village in the slope of the mountain which will act also as the entrance of your trekking. In this village you will be examined whether you fit to continue the climbing. Ascending about 4-5 hours from the first point, you will reach the second point which is also considered the best environment along the track.


Ranu Kumbolo offers some excitement in your sojourn to its environment. Situated amid the hilly area, the natural pond itself acts as the gem centering beautiful surroundings. You can set your camp to overnight in this place just like other hikers do before proceeding to reach even higher. Many travelers have been mesmerized by its uninterrupted view of the stars in the night skies which you can also feast your eyes on. Settling a bon fire, barbequing some meats you prepared will exactly beautify your wonderful night in the mountain.

The most romantic place to spend overnight

Summit attack is usually done before the dawn in order to relish seeing the magnificent sunrise view in the apex of the mountain, the Mahameru. Hence, the hikers begin continuing the summit at midnight for the route will require about 5 hours. Route to the summit is quite a big deal compared to the previous one to Ranu Kumbolo. There are several posts in case you cannot make it and want to return. The route is quite steep with sandy track along the way. However after you reach the summit, you will, exactly at the moment, find yourself the conqueror of the highest mountain in Java Island and you deserve to enjoy the majestic sunrise and all the satisfactions coming along.

Conquering the roof of Java Island.


4. Mount Ijen, East Java


Transfer away to the tip of the Java Island, there lays a sublime mountain offers a very unique phenomenon you could find only in Indonesia. Mount Ijen, known locally as Ijen Crater, is where you will experience various enjoyments while you trekking over the mountain. Owning a blue fire phenomenon, Mt Ijen thrives to be the only mountain in Indonesia with the most unique scenery. Together with Mount Bromo, this volcano is sure an icon to Indonesian famous mountain.

The greenish crater of Mt. Ijen enliven by the sulfuric smoke

The excitements of visiting this mountain lay on the summit which requires no hard efforts in trekking. Heading for Mt Ijen is just like a piece of cake. You just come to a post with any vehicle at the slope named Paltuding, located in the district forest office. The track to the post is quite muddy but since you on a vehicle, the big issue will be only when the weather is rainy. After you arrive at the post (this is the farthest you can use any vehicle), you will begin walking to the summit. The distance from the summit is not too far that it just requires only 2 hours’ walk to reach the summit.


The view during the hiking is something to praise apart the ultimate scenery you will get in the summit. During your hiking you will see numbers of people shouldering crescents of sulfur in two baskets. People call it sulfur miner, a hell miner. It has been an astounding fact that the miners wear no filtration mask during the mining process in the crater. After 2 hours’ walk, you will arrive at the Mt. Ijen’s rim, a place where you can optimally enjoy the twofold sceneries; the crater with sulfuric smoke and the vista of surrounding place beyond the mountain.

Locals shouldering sulfur mined from the crater.

With you being on the summit, the best time to enjoy blue fire phenomenon is when it is dark. The blue fire is actually an eternal flame, never to be off during the day. It burns although it is barely seen due to the bright of sunlight. Hence it is suggested that you don’t leave the spot before dark in order to enjoy this unique phenomenon.

The spectacular blue fire phenomenon occurs only in Mt. Ijen.

Apart from relishing the beautiful blue fire, the scenery on top of Mt. Ijen alone is worth visiting. The greenish sulfuric lake combined with smokey area will exactly be a paid off to your effort. This strangely beautiful scenery will exactly make your exquisite photoshot.



5. Mount Batur, Bali


“Forget Bali’s beaches. Scale its hills pre-dawn darkness and you’ll find the island offers some of the most sunrise view on the planet”

Beautifully occupying number 5, Mount Batur is where you should go to perfect your beautiful vacation in the land of Gods, Bali. The Batur is a volcano with an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, reckoned second highest mountain in the island after Mount Agung. Albeit the moderate height of the mountain, in the matter of magnificent summit view this volcano is superlative among the rest of the mountains in the island. The UNESCO Geopark title even more accentuates its magnificence.

The view of Mt. Batur in broad day light.

Mount Batur is trekking is a relatively easy hike and is suitable for most of people and children. This aspect is what makes the mountain a favorite destination amongst travelers. The starting point to hike the mountain is in Toyabungkah village. You have to ascend about two hours long to reach the summit. Many travelers ascend a quarter to four before dawn solely not to miss the majestic view of sunrise.

Easy track of Mt. Batur is what makes it popular among travelers

Not only the sublime view of sunrise will be a paid off in Mt Batur’s summit, a broader vista of surroundings, the rugged beauty of an active volcano and the adorable crater lake will also accentuate your precious worthwhile. The crater lake, resembling a crescent moon, is so adorable that even in the absence of the sunset, the surrounding views will still look beautiful with the lake alone. In a particular time, you will perhaps encounter locals bringing some offering into the mountain. They believe the mountain is sacred thus they regularly hold a particular offering ceremony to appease their relationship with their gods. In a nutshell, despite the immeasurable beauty of beaches, glamorous night life and admirable culture, Bali has a magnificent landscape for you solely to beautify your wonderful vacation.

Spectacular view at night with lights enlivening the circumstance.


6. Mount Kelimutu, East Nusa Tenggara


A bit mysterious and strangely beautiful, Mount Kelimutu strives to secure number 6 in our list. In central Flores, around two hours inland from the town of Ende, lies the island’s most famous volcano, Kelimutu. Unfortunately it is not the highest in the land of Flores compared to Mount Inaeri. However, Kelimutu is certainly the strangest and most beautiful, thanks to the multicoloured lakes crater, which have vivid, ever-changing hues of blue, green and red.

Beautiful summit view atop Mount Kelimutu

The three crater lakes, separated by thin ridges of rocks are what make Kelimutu famous around the world. This peculiarity is actually a nature phenomenon which is occurred by the shifting chemical and mineral balances that the lakes have changed colors regularly since long time. The chemicals spread differently that they render the different color in each craters. What remains the same is the color always deep and concentrated.

Despite the scientific explanation of the natural phenomenon, indigenous people believe that there is something to do with some superstition behind the peculiarity. For them, the lakes are the final harbor for the deceased where their souls eternally reside. Thus the name of Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (altar for young people), Tiwu Ata Polo (altar for the evils) Tiwu Ata Mbupu (altar for the olds) had been forged since then.

The lake bearing with ever changing unique colors

Apart from the theory adhered to the crater lakes, the tri-colored lakes are the main attraction of Mount Kelimutu. They are particularly beautiful at sunrise hence when planning on summiting the mountain, just make sure not to come later than the sunrise. Most travelers often do the trekking before dawn solely to watch such beauty. With the cool circumstance in the summit, the sunrise, along with the morning dew, slowly fades in forming glimmering views around the area. Other beautiful views will follow when you climb down the mountain.

The sunrise view atop Mt. Kelimutu is so majestic and reassuring.


7. Mount Kerinci, West Sumatra

Being the second highest mountain after Punjak Jaya and the roof of Sumatra Island, Mount Kerinci is the next list with beautiful summit views. The mountain is the highest active volcano in Indonesia, with an altitude at 3800 meters above seas level, and is surrounded by hilly area in Kerinci district, Jambi province. In regards to its sublime nature, Mt Kerinci earns a prestigious sobriquet as ‘a paradise cast away on earth’ and is to be included in the next 9 Indonesian wonders list.

The highest volcano of Indonesia towering the entire island of Sumatra

To reach Mount Kerinci, there are two main ways; from Padang city and Jambi city. Most travelers recommend Padang route because it offers shorter track with beautiful panorama along the way before arrive Kresik Kuo village, the entrance of the hiking. There are several posts and shelters during the hiking. The travelers must be extra carefully for the track sometimes can be so steep. We also recommend you to rent a service from local guide unless you are with a partner who understands the track well. As the mountain is included into Kerinci Seblat National Park, we highly advise you to bring self-defense item in case you encounter some tiger though it is extremely rare to happen.

Hiking over Kerinci through steep track just before the summit

The view when you take rest at the shelter is so beautiful. A broad vista of nature surroundings will accentuate your magnificent trekking. The track is full with rugged cliffs and several kinds of floras will be a feast on your eyes. The track toward the summit will be mostly rocky as the peak itself is a giant pile of volcanic rocks. After you step feet on top of the summit, a vista of Padang, Jambi, and Bengkulu city along with huge Indian ocean will be the scene you will never forget. The sensational satisfaction of conquering the highest volcano in Indonesia will be something sweet to recall in the future.

The summit view atop the roof of Sumatra island


8. Mount Merbabu, Central Java


Staying in the number eight in this list is Mount Merbabu. The mountain stretches huge that the location comprises of three districts; Semarang, Boyolali, and Magelang. Merbabu is an old volcano that has barely erupted since its last eruption very long time ago. Thus hiking over this volcano is perfectly safe and will only give you sublime views from the top of it. There are respectively four routes heading for the same vantage point of 3142 asl; Thekelan, Selo, Cunthel, and Wekas. The routes bear their level of difficulties. Most hikers chose Selo route for it is the least painful and the shortest route to the summit.

Sunrise view at Mt. Merbabu

What makes Mount Merbabu special is that it has seven summits with their unique beautiful vista. The summits are perfect just to get some relaxing time in a beautiful view, however, two summits; Syarif and Kenteng Songo excel in providing the best views among them. From this vantage point, a vista of surrounding cities, mountains, and lush landscape will be your things that will feast your eyes on. Not to forget mentioning the above cloud sunrise scenery will uninterrupted views of stars in the night sky will accentuate your adorable overnight.

The broader vista with a mountain forming a backdrop

9. Puncak Prau, Central Java


Mount Prau is located in Dieng highland, Wonosobo district. The mountain is strongly standing at an altitude of 2565 above sea level, towering the surrounding village of Patakbanteng. With an easy trekking route, Prau has been a favorite destination to commence some summit attack.

Serenity at Prau mountain

2-3 hours trekking is the amount of time every hikers need to reach the summit, hence a hard-end gear is not a prerequisite. You can just bring your body and enough food supply for this easy kind of hike. There are respectively two passable tracks; Dieng track and Patakbanteng track in which most hikers fancy the former track for it provides less time consuming and slightly dangerous track compared to that of Petakbanteng.

On top of the summit of Mount Prau, the beautiful views are certain. Various kinds of flowers will beautify your summit relaxation. Not only that, the mountain height is just adequate to grant you an above cloud scenery with the beautiful sunrise adorning the scene.

Setting a camp in the rugged beauty of Mount Prau.

10. Mount Jaya Wijaya (Carstensz Pyramid), Papua


Sitting in the next list is Mount Jaya Wijaya or widely known as Mount Carstensz. The mountain is towering the entire land of Papua with an altitude of 4884 meters above the landscape of the island and also included in the seven highest summits in the world. This mountain is only for a pro hiker with complete gear and equipment regarding the difficulty of the track that will be undertaken.

The Puncak Jaya mountain

Albeit the immeasurable scenery in its summit, the other main reason fanatic hikers climb over Mount Jaya Wijaya is the true satisfaction after conquering the highest summit in Indonesia. Hiking over the mountain is on a whole different level from the mountains we mentioned earlier. It needs extra ‘everything’ to commence the hiking. Some travelers were often found complaining about the difficulty of getting the hiking permit. The indigenous people who are mainly uneducated often involve in internal conflict like tribe war etc. Your safety shall be the priority before anything else. Thus we suggest you use a merit travel agent like us to smooth all the way.


You will not hike the whole height of the mountain to reach the summit. You go with bus heading to miles 68, Tembagapura area (2500 asl). The cable vehicle will lift you to Gressberg area in 3500 asl about ten minutes’ ride. You will then hike to zebra wall which is the gate of the hiking. You are on your feet starting from this point. You are required to use whatever equipment you bring with you for the track is quite steep. Tiny oxygen and very cold temperature also the other reasons to be fully prepared.

The eternal snow shrouding the apex of Carstensz Pyramid

When you reach the Carstensz Pyramid in the summit, everything you planned will be paid off. Conquering one of the seven summits and the only mountain with eternal snow in a tropical area will be a glorious success. You will be sunk into joyfully feeling and satisfaction of what you have achieved. Some adorable shots of you on the summit will definitely become a decent souvenir.

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