Ngurtafur Beach

The Most Unusual Beach in Indonesia

So far, what you have acknowledged about a beach is a landscape dividing and bordering the land and the sea, in which, with the beautiful white sand and the peaceful swells, the area is usually a place to have a good relaxation. The common beach owns a shore whose area is adhered to the land not too far over the seaside. However, what will you do when encountering a beach whose shore stretches long towards the seaside? Quite unusual, isn’t it? Well, if you are that one who adores unusual things as nature delicacy, you are good to continue reading these intriguing facts about Ngurtafur Beach.

The pure white sand is surrounded the shallow waterside.

Ngurtafur Beach is different from typical beach in Indonesia, and if we are not exaggerating, perhaps in world as well. The beach spreads out about 2 kilometers in length and 7 meters in width into the middle of the sea. The beach is considered unique and unusual because of this peculiarity. The pure white sand stretching over is a perfect place for walking into the farthest tip over the edge. It also separates the sea into two sides which will grant two-fold views for the visitors. Not to forget mentioning that this extension is not that kind of a valley plunging vertically into the sea depth, this has quite wide landscape rendering lovely shallow waterside. That being said, strolling around this length is quite a perfect idea.

The very unique beach whose shore stretching into the sea.

Along the stroll, you will likely be walking on an aisle of pure white sand towards a wonderland. It is like the pure white carpet is served for the sole purpose of your track toward the edge of the way. If the common aisle is flanked by chairs and the like, this special aisle is by the deep blue ocean itself, making a good scene that you are the master of the sea. The shallow water side along the extension is adorable. As we mentioned earlier that this extension renders two-fold sides views, there are crystal clear water in one side and a group of corals in the other.

Here you can either snorkel the shallow clear water or the corals side

Visitors often spend their times swimming at the transparent clear waterside bottomed by the white sand, meanwhile in the turquoise side, which is full of corals, they are mesmerized by the beauty of it. At some occasion sea creatures often migrate to this area merely to sojourn or to find some food in the coral area. Snorkeling in this area will exactly accentuate your great holiday in enjoying nature delicacy. Hence, it is highly suggested that you bring some dive gear to get the best experience possible. Another unique thing around this place is many visitors are mesmerized by this beauty and decide to stay overnight at the available camp to visit again the next day.

The tip of the beach offers the excellent view along the way

The excellent time to visit this beach is on April to May and in the other monthly duration of October to November in each year. This is because during the time, the weather is sunny so that the view over the underwater can be seen at optimal stage. Another reason to come by the beach at the season is that leatherback sea turtles, locally called as Penyu Blimbing, often migrate crossing this area, so with the proper diving equipment, you can watch the WWF endangered animal species.


Reaching Ngurtafur Beach is quite easy. It is certain that you must take a flight to Pattimura Airport in Ambon city of Maluku. After your arrival, take another flight to Dumatubun Langgun Airport about more or less one and a half hours from the former one. From the last airport, using local transportation, take a journey to Tual. As for the limited access to the destination, to be able to reach the beach, it is such a prerequisite to rent a local boat. The boat is quite large with the capacity of about 15 persons. Hence, if you feel the rate is too expensive, you can wait for another passenger to share the cost.


However, it is always such a burdensome to go traveling on your own. That is why, it is really suggested that you use the appropriate travel agent to take care of all that difficulties. That being said, we as a merit travel agent offer you a convenient way to your travel in Indonesia. Just a simple phone call and we will take the rest of your tour preparation.

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