Lorentz National Park

Feast Your Eyes on The Largest National Park in Southeast Asia

As a petal falls, it drops into clear water flowing into a bank of a river in the land only few discover. Lorentz National Park is a huge park in Indonesia which is known also as the largest park in Southeast essays-pro.com Asia. The location of the national park is so large that it almost stretches two major cities in Papua, Timika at the west border and Wamena at the east. This national park comprises also a seaside in the southern side which is said to have a good spot to commence any water activity. The natural environment of the national park alone had earned this location a prestigious tittle of UNESCO world cultural heritage in 1999 for nature category. This indicates that the area is where we can find a complete nature environment.

The environment of Lorentz National Park


“A perfect epitome of a home to complete ecosystems for biodiversity in Southeast Asia.”


Lorentz National Park is a perfect epitome of a home to complete ecosystems for biodiversity in Southeast Asia. The location which stretches from the magnificent summit of Mount Jaya Wijaya to the tropical coast enriched with numbers of mangrove in Arafura Sea indeed contains numbers of living beings along the extension. Within this extension, it lies the outstanding ecology spectrum of alpine, sub-alpine, Montana, sub-Montana, and wet land vegetation. This location is included in A-type climate whose temperature is around 29-32 degree in low land.


Venturing deeper into the location, this park has 34 types of vegetation which can be classified into swan forest, bank river forest, sago wood, turf landscape, moss area, mountainous forest, and savanna. Tobacco area as well as other production plantations ornament this area although they occupy just a little bit area in the southern part near the coast in arafura sea but their presence add more types to the vegetation. This various biodiversity define numbers of floras and faunas which can be sustained within the area.

Faunas inhabiting Lorentz National Park

Besides the adorable vegetation, various mammals are there to adorn your impressive visit to the national park. The mammals are mostly endemic species to the area such as long and short horn pig, wallaby, wild cat, and tree kangaroo. The favorite animals around the area are included in bird species. There are whooping 600 types of birds which can be divided into 70% indigenous animals and 123 types of mammals. Birds that are the mainstay of this park are cassowary, megapode or incubator bird, pigeon, parrot, shrimp bird, honeybird, and other endemic birds such as long tail cenderawasih and snow mountain quail living in that area. So if you are looking to find a perfect haven where nature environment combining with adorable floras and fauna are there to beautify your sightseeing


“From a tropical landscape until the sublime glacier in the summit.”


Excitement in Lorentz National Park lies from a tropical landscape until the sublime glaciers in the summit. With all the enjoyments of overlooking the adorable floras and faunas as well as the beautiful environment in the low area, more challenging but impressive things are well-retained in the higher land. If you venture higher, should you find a decent experience you never felt before.

A sublime view of eternal snow in Carstensz Pyramid.

Exceptional things that are blessed in the area of Lorentz National Park are the availability of glacier in a tropical country. And yes, because the park comprises the highest mountain in Indonesia whose peak is said to have an eternal snow, it is such exceptional phenomenon to find a glacier within a tropical country. Jaya Wijaya peak famously known as Carstensz Pyramid is where the excitement lies. With the environment completely shrouded by snow, this summit is included in 7 highest summits around the continents including Mount Everest. Hiking into the summit will be a challenging experience for the higher the mountain is the more the satisfaction level increase.

A beautiful view of a mountain river

The view from the mountain is wonderful. You can overlook a sublime environment which is completely different from where you were days before when you were in the low land. A complete cold will embrace you with a brand new experience of feeling a winter in a tropical area.


“When natural beauty is enriched with appealing culture that owns an adorable performance, that is when you find a perfect haven.”


In the southern side of Lorentz National park, indigenous people, for years, have lived peacefully at Balliem Valley. The people are still rural and undeveloped that they retain their ancestors’ culture within the hamlet. With their traditional house which called as honai, they live under the wood arranged to scaffold a thatch at the top. They have a popular festivity held annually which is an artificial battle between one group against another. In nutshell, visiting Lorentz National Park will earn you an incredible experience in overlooking nature with all living beings within it.

Society of Baliem Valley that is still rural and undeveloped

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