Pasir Panjang Beach

Feel The Wind Whispering to Your Soul

Ngurbloat beach or people know it more as Pasir Panjang beach is an outstanding beach which is located at Ngilngof village in a west small island named Kei island, one of the islands in Maluku. The beach is adorned with a 5 km long pure white sand bordering blue water sea which can make you feel eager to spend much time there. This destination is still well-wrapped from crowded for it is newly found paradise aimed for true natural life seeker.

Pasir Panjang Beach Spreading 5 km Long

Speaking of beach appearance, the quality of sand is an important matter of discussing. Local people believe that the sand of Pasir Panjang beach contains some unique material that differ it from general one. It will not melt away while raining and it perfectly absorb the heat of the sunray which miraculously remains comfortable cool sand. At the texture factor, many believe until now there is no other sand matching quality of the exceptional Pasir Panjang sand. The land in Kei island which is majored with rocky type soil cause a few various plantations to live there. It would be seldom to find a huge tree while boarding the island.


Tourists with children are suggested not to forget bringing playing equipment for it will be a waste of time to let go all the chance you can get in the beach. Building your little castle with your loved ones will be an unforgettable experience while you are in a brand-new land. A typical tropical country shinning sunray in will add an unforgettable memory to recall in future.

Beautiful sand of Pasir Panjang beach

Beautiful sand of Pasir Panjang beach

Like the old saying, it is incomplete for a king or queen only having a castle of sand. They need to expand their area into water territory. Well, speaking of water, Pasir Panjang beach offer a convenient sea wave you can expect the safety. A strategic location of the island where the beach cling into give an advantage of keeping low current to form a comfortable wave. In other words, men/women, child/adult, pro/amateur can enjoy an exciting water play.

Pasir Panjang into a Night Situation

Daytime in a beach is a great experience, but a night time? Well, have you felt a sea breeze gently touching your skin while whispering a sound of peaceful melody? If you have not, has Pasir Panjang beach thousand melodies to whisper in your ears. Staying for night in an open beach will be a disadvantageous for human convenient. Rest assured, for the availability of local accommodation for those who prefer indoor stay and equipment rental for who like to feel nature even more. The common indoor accommodation is a tower-like house which allow the residence of being able to enjoy a clear night star sight.


For years, tourists come to Maluku islands to partake in its pristine beaches and stunning array of coral reef.

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