Rinca Island

When Aggressiveness Turn into Excitement

Rinca island is one of the main destinations in your Komodo island tour which is worth decent attention to pay a visit. Flores with its Komodo islands as the one and only natural habitat for ancient komodo essaysbuy.net dragons has always been famous amongst either domestic or international tourist. Rinca which is geographically located precisely at the east fringe within komodo national park territory and is next to Flores island is in west Manggarai district province west Nusa Tenggara.


Beautiful view from a hill in Rinca island.

Beautiful view from a hill in Rinca island.


To reach Rinca is considered as easy since several options are available to convey your excursion in convenient way. There are at least two options to get to Rinca island. First route, you fly from Bali’s international airport to Komodo airport in Labuhan Bajo. Then, rent a Phinisi boat from Labuhan Bajo harbor directly to the Rinca island. For the second option, you can get on a cruise ship from Bali’s Tanjung Benoa harbor or Lombok’s Lembar harbor directly to Komodo island and en-route to Rinca island.


As you arrive in Rinca, a vast of yellowish grass landscape and an array of moderate hills will be your first impression. It has been common for the visitor to make port in Loh Buaya harbor for that is the only entrance to the island. An entrance gate with a couple komodo statues will likely become your entry toward an outer world. Herein shall your first step be a beginning of your thrilling adventure.


Entrance gate at Loh Buaya.

Entrance gate at Loh Buaya.


Komodo characteristic is the main aspect as to why people come to Rinca. Like that of Komodo island, the main purpose of visiting this destination lies in live-witnessing the ancient dragon ever existed. However, as different nature habitat of indigenous komodos in Rinca appear to be in morphologically different. Rinca with its nature environment as tropic and contains savanna in almost of its region than that of Komodo island render the territory slightly hostile for mammals. As mammals are the main prey for the komodo dragon, a meager number of them surviving insufficiently fits to the number of their predators, resulting the dragons look slimmer and more aggressive. Hence, what interests people to come to this island lies at the liberty of witnessing many komodos aggressively hunt for their preys. It is suggested that tourists always keep cautious for juvenile komodos are often found perching on branches to avert undesirable predators.


A komodo lurking on a a stone.

A komodo lurking on a a stone.


Besides aggressiveness of the komodo dragon, another excitement in Rinca island worth our praising is the alluring sceneries. A vast savanna perfectly delivers an attractive nature scenery towards its traveler. Many said that Rinca is famous from its landscape scenery rather than its indigenous inhabitants. Hence, it is so permissible to declare that the island is reflection of natural beauty for the efforts in retaining its pristine condition as quintessential signature. There be three trekking routes to explore the island and each route offers each excitement. Short route will spend 1-2 hour walking long, moderate 2-3 hours and the longest one will spend over 4 hours. Make certain that no tourist be allowed to walk alone for rangers’ attendance is a compulsory in this trekking.


Alluring scenery which can only be seen in Rinca island.

Alluring scenery which can only be seen in Rinca island.

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