Ngusarnadan Beach

Escaping Hustle and Bustle Life Has Never This Exciting

Ever wonder how to escape from typical hustle and bustle urban life. A vast area offering a peaceful environment with beautiful scenery will likely be the main option for you to momentarily relieve yourself from all the noises and business. Ngusarnadan Beach is one of the beach in Maluku worth as a perfect escape. This beach is precisely located in Ohoililir village, or just about 20 minutes’ drive form Langgur City, Maluku. Crystal clear water at the Ngusarnadan’s bay which is adorned with pure white sand definitely renders this beach as an untouched paradise in Maluku.

A peaceful environment to escape typical urban life.

A peaceful environment to escape typical urban life.

Relaxing while enjoying the peaceful environment is the excitement of Ngusarnadan Beach. Setting an outdoor gear merely to seek a pleasure will be perfect to be conducted in this beach. A shore surrounded by numbers of adjacently arranged coconut trees and adorned with pure white sands which are hit continuously by attractive waves will make your day. Relaxing mind and watching the day goes by while watching your loved ones enjoy the excitements of the beach is a true happiness. A peaceful sea breeze gently embracing you will create an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.

The situation of the beach at a day be like.

The situation of the beach at a day be like.

Besides the excitements lying on the Ngusarnadan’s shore, the underwater ecosystem is nicely wrapped by numbers of magnificent coral reefs rendering this destination perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. The water is quite shallow and turquoise exhibiting delightful ecosystem of enchanting fishes swimming around the coral reefs. The fishes are so lovely that they come in various species to accentuate your full enjoyment. If you are brave enough to dive deeper, an array of sardines will probably show their attractiveness in their group swimming formation.

A scenic view of sunset from Nusarnadan's shore

A scenic view of sunset from Nusarnadan’s shore

A scenic sunset is so great that it will be a waste of time to miss it. Ngusardanan is also renowned for its beautiful sunset scenery. Laying on a comfortable hammock, gently hit by a peaceful sea breeze while a gleaming sunset slowly fading away will become a perfect thing to call it a day. You are also able to use another way to spend that impressive moment such as walking along the shore while moderate waves touching your feet.


For years, tourists come to Maluku islands to partake in its pristine beaches and stunning array of coral reef.

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