Fort Belgica

The Indonesian Pentagon

Of all natural beauties it offers, Maluku is also known for its ancient artefacts worth your visit. Various sites provide outstanding excitements in having archeological tour in the island. Belgica Fort is one of which. Belgica is built by the Portuguese during their invasion in the land of Maluku. The fort was later occupied by British men in 17th centuries. This fort is situated on hills of Tabaleku, western part of Maira Island, Maluku. Despite of its history, the building which is believed as the office of General Pieter Both has some uniqueness worth our full attention.

Fort Belgica's front appearance.

Fort Belgica’s front appearance.

Fort Belgica is so interesting for its structural illusion. The fort is respectively built in the form of pentagon with 5 angels. However, many people who had visited there got themselves confused when comparing the from between when they looked closely and overlooked the building from higher point. They could not fathom the appearance of the fort resembling to pentagon and having only four side angles when they looked closer. Aside from the illusionary perspective, this ancient building is a great place to visit nonetheless. Various histories of the old time are well-retained just as good as the very building itself.

The pentagonal form of Fort Belgica resembling US pentagon office.

The pentagonal form of Fort Belgica resembling US pentagon office.

The form which resembles much of the famous United States pentagon is legitimate to call Belgica Fort as Indonesian Pentagon. The identical form of this fortress to US pentagon office serves as the other uniqueness of this building. Many said that visiting this place will feel figuratively like visiting the original pentagon. The situation of this building seating Tabeleku hill at altitude of over three thousand meters above level sea render a scenic view of its surroundings. You can climb into the higher part of the fort to overlook an adorable vista of cities, various plantations, and the peaceful sight of blue sea across the land.

An adorable mountain and its surroundings forming a dramatic backdrop.

An adorable mountain and its surroundings forming a dramatic backdrop.

Reaching Fort Belgica Fortress is easy. As the fortress is located in the Banda Neira Island, one of majority islands in the Maluku, it is surely easy to access the destination. Various transportations are available to safely escort you to the fortress. After you arrive at the island of Banda Neira, you will only be required to walk about ten minutes from Delfica Guest House, the mainstay accommodation in the island. This easy access to the fort will accentuate your convenient tour to the Fortress


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