Mount Gamalama

Trekking Over The Highest Point of Ternate

Trekking a mountain will always be an excitement for those who love something challenging. Moreover, it will create a strange satisfaction if the mountain happens to be the highest point of a region. Mount Gamalama is a near-conical stratovolcano located exactly on the island of Ternate, North Maluku with an altitude of 1715 meters above sea level. It is oftentimes that the mountain is called as the peak of Ternate.

An impressive appearance of Mount Gamalama.

An impressive appearance of Mount Gamalama.

Gamalama keeps various nature enjoyments behind its demanding tracks. Applied also to Gamalama, it will always need extra strengths to hike an active volcano. Steep and foggy tracks, rocky valleys, until numbers of lava canals are the common things to encounters during the hiking which is quite dangerous. Is it the very reason to hike right? Passing through and overcoming danger, right? In analogy to that, only two tracks are left open to reach the summit Gamalama. They are Air Tege-Tege Village and Moya Village, the very first points to reach the summit. Trekking toward the summit will likely need about 4-5 hours from each point. A bit different from typical active volcano, Gamalama is shrouded about two-third by green forest. Hence, panoramic view will be your companion during the summit trekking. The green plantations will serve you well as a place to rest. After while passing through the forest, you will reach the summit which is a rim surrounding the caldera. The view at the top is adorable for you can overlook vista of clouds under a deep blue summer sky.

Adorable vista adorned with clouds under a deep blue sky.

Adorable vista adorned with clouds under a deep blue sky.

Myths serve well as another excitement of visiting Gamalama. It is said during there are various sacred places along the route of the trekking. Abdas spring is one of which. The spring is situated in the middle of array of rocks. Local people believed that it stores supernatural power, a power believed to able to heal various kinds of diseases. Hence, taking a while bathing in the spring is worth to test whether such supernatural power exists. Other sacred place is an ancient tomb of Ternate’s predecessors. It is still unknown the reason why the tomb in in the high place. Thus, Ternate’s people claim the tomb as a sacred place and pay it a regular visit.


Traditional ritual is not to miss occasion during your visit in Gamalama. Local people have for years held an annual activity around the mountain. The rite is known as kololi lae, a rite to worship gods by wandering around the mountain solely to ask god’s blessing for safety and wealthy. This ritual is periodically held at April wherein in this month numbers of people will throng the mountain either to participate or just watch the performance.

Local people embark for kololi lae festival around Mount Gamalama.

Local people embark for kololi lae festival around Mount Gamalama.

An impressive mountain of Gamalama can be reach easily using various transportation. If you happen to be in Bali, a short fight to Ternate and you will be on the right track to the mountain. It will spend about 30 minutes’ drive from the center city of Ternate to reach Moya Village, the first point to begin your impressive trekking over Mount Gamalama.


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