Lakey Beach

Best Playground for Lefthander Surfers in Sumbawa

Unless you are a surfing enthusiast, the name of Lakey beach is probably not so familiar to you. Mostly forgotten by local travelers, Lakey has been long known as one of not-to-miss destinations worldwide when essaysbuy it comes to surfing. Wave at the beach is one of the most dangerous around the globe ranked alongside Hawaii and Tahiti. What’s make Lakey even more unique is that the wave sweeps to the left instead of to the right like what commonly happens at most of the beaches.


lakey beach by edward edy

The landscape of Lakey beach by Edward Edy


White sand, palm trees, stretch of corals and various eco guesthouses span kilometers away along the shore. Most of the bottom is rocky but farther beyond the beach is sandy and good for swimming. Sweeping wave is within several meters paddling distant of the land. Lakey Peak and Lakey Pipe are the two most well-known waves that offer a mix of long glassy water tunnel on the left and huge swell on the opposite side. It’s these two that become the hardest waves during the many national surfing competitions annually held on the beach. Cobblestone and Periscope are easier to ride. You can find them at the far north end of the bay near another good surfing spot of Maci Point.


Wind at the beach blows consistently strong all year round which gives you a perfect opportunity for site surfing and wind surfing. There is a good chance for snorkeling too. It’s mostly done beyond the many huge rocks scattering around the beach. Some spots have specific mark and usually feature more beautiful coral reef and more tropical fish to see.


lakey peak from hotel

Lakey Peak seen from nearby hotel


Lakey beach is located in Hu’u near Dompu town, Sumbawa island. The best way to get to the place is from Bima on the northern cost of the island via daily flight services from Bali. From Bima’s airport, you can take public bus that will directly transfer you to Hu’u. Private transfer can be arranged at the port for maximum 4 people per car. Lakey beach is only half an hour drive from Hu’u. As to how to get the surfing points, five surfers can share a boat for around 800.000Rp.


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