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The Other Side of Bali

What do you know about highlights in Buleleng of Northern Bali? You may answer dolphin-watching at Lovina beach, the temple lake of Ulun Danu Beratan and the mystique twin lakes of Bunyan and Tamblingan or the extremely refreshing Gitgit waterfall. Well, those are only the main spots at the center of the regency. What about the western side of Buleleng? Do you know any of attractions in there?


The western side of Buleleng is the least visited part of the area. It has several temples, but the size and maybe the style are not too appealing for visitors. However, if you budget some time to take a closer look at the coastal region, you know the beach boasts the most tranquil vibe in Bali. Buleleng, in fact, features the longest coast on the island, stretching from the west to the far east just several kilometers from Mt. Batur. And do you know that there is a hidden diving darling nestling at this very part? It’s called Pemuteran Bay, a nearly forgotten part of Bali.



Pemuteran bay is surrounded by scenic green hills


Pemuteran is like a manifestation of “Nyegara Gunung” (a combined energy between mountains and the sea). It’s black sandy beach sparkles against the refreshing greenish vibe of the scenic hill at the background. Nights come fast at Pemuteran as any kinds of fun subsides as soon as the sun sets, replaced by tranquility that allows the visitors solemnly meditate or just fully escape from the city’s hustle bustle.



Biorock reef of Pemuteran bay gives the ocean glimmering colors


While peace can be found on the coast, fusion of delight is waiting below the surface. Once a potential fishing village with tons of fish and coral reef overcrowding the current-less ocean, Pemuteran suffered from serious underwater landscape damage due to destructive fishing. These days, however, Pemuteran has reborn as a new diving star in Bali after the reef revitalization program started in 2000.


For the program, about 60 separates Biorock structures were installed in 2 hectare area, located only 50 – 100 meters from the shoreline in the depth of 3 to 7 meters deep. They line up horizontally, forming natural snorkeling and diving track.


pemuteran temple

The underwater temple of Pemuteran turns to be a shelter for various marine cratures


The result of the program is a completely stunning. Dozens of bright corals give the ocean an array of color along with various species of fish and other marine creatures. To make it more jaw-dropping, a group of underwater temple were built randomly that creates mysterious vibe on the landscape. The great success of the reef conservation brings about multiple international recognition including PATA Gold Award, the Equator Prize and the Millennium G20 Award. Well, after years of destruction, Pemuteran bay is now turning into the largest and most successful reef restoration worldwide.


pemuteran temple 1

Buddha statues adorn the sea bed of Pemuteran bay


So, when you travel to Buleleng next time, make sure you visit Pemuteran bay to enjoy a different snorkeling treat. Explore all the diving spots that are already marked a whole day for free.


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