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List of Things to Do around the Plateau

The second highest plateau worldwide with inhabitants after Nepal, Dieng is the icon of nature wonder in Central Java. It’s a place where you can enjoy a clear view of seven mountain only by standing anywhere ownessay.com within the area. Rolling hills and historical sites make up a perfect landscape across the highland. While Arjuna temple complex dots the northern side along with plenty of quiet lakes and smoking craters, the southern part is hilly with kilometers of tea plantation crawling down the mountain slope. Some of the peaks including Sikunir, Prau and Pakuwaja are the best sunrise viewing spots all around Central Java. The best part is all of the sites are only walking distant from one another.


Let’s take a closer look at best spots of this picnic destination:



Enjoy Telaga Warna from Ratapan Angin Hill


Among the many lakes in Dieng, lake Telaga Warna is the most beautiful as well as unique one. This lake is incredibly colorful with shades of green, light yellow and white. It turns out that the lake is actually a water-filled caldera with several gas vents below the water surface which is also rich of sulfur. And the fact seems to be the reason where the magic comes from.


dieng telaga warna

The view of Telaga Warna from Ratapan Angin Hill


Just next to Telaga Warna is another lake called Telaga Pengilon that features pretty much normal color with crystal water. They are only separated with narrow path where you can walk in between to enjoy the contrasting scenery up close.


dieng 5

Telaga Pengilon offers boat trip around the lake


But the best viewing spot is not there, it’s on a hill called Ratapan Angin. It’s located just at the perfect place that you can see the view of the lake and the surrounding. Take the best spot to sit and absorb the fresh air and the quiet vibe as you sweep your eyes from the rolling hills to the surrounding lush jungle and the very two lakes.



Catch the Sunrise on Sikunir Hill


Sikunir is not exactly a mountain but rather a hill. It’s one of the most sought-after sites in Dieng as it boasts the infamous “golden sunrise” over the magnificent array of natural landscape. The beauty makes this place pretty touristy, yet it’s worth a visit at least once in a life time.


dieng sikunir 2

The golden sunrise from Sikunir peak


As the dazzling red-yellow morning sun shine starts to unveil, Mount Sindoro and Sumbing at the backdrop appears as dramatic scenery on the east. And as the day gets a bit brighter, turn your head and enjoy the more astounding view of greenish rolling hills. There is a lake at the northward that mixes perfectly with the hectares of rice fields on the surrounding.


From the trekking basecamp, the top is only 2 hour of easy walking through mostly flat grassy path. During holiday season, this place gets overcrowded that visitors even need to line in queue to get to the summit.



Gaze at the Seven Summit from Prau Mountain


One of prime hiking destinations in Central Java, Mt. Prau features magnificent view across Dieng. This mountain is the highest peak on Dieng that also becomes the best spot to discover all the view of the seven summits around the plateau.


dieng gunung prau

Panoramic Scenery on top of Mt. Prau


Mounts of Sindoro, Sumbing, Pakuwaja and even Sikunir are clear to see from here. It will look better in the morning when the peak emerge from under the carpet of orange clouds during the sun rise.


The mountain itself is pretty interesting. Mt. Prau stretches horizontally that provides extensive grass lands on the top which is perfect for camping ground. The route to get there may be grassy and muddy sometimes but it is pretty easy and gentle. And before the summit, you’ll pass beautiful rolling hills commonly called by Bukit Teletubbies covered with daisy and colorful blossoms. Take a rest at this spot a bit and get your mind refreshed.



Discover the History of Dieng at Arjuna Temple Complex


Arjuna temple complex may be not as huge as Borobudur or Prambanan temples. But in terms of historical significant, the complex turns out to be one of the oldest temples in Indonesia that offer the flashback of time when Hindu first gained a hold on Central Java. And these days, the complex is the central site of any ritual ceremony regularly held by Dieng tribe.


dieng candi arjuna

Arjuna temple complex with rolling hills on the backgrop


Comprising of five small shrines in a plain the middle of the highland, Arjuna itself offers a different temple ambience which is unique for a historical site. It lays low upon the plateau with a perfect view over its surrounding greenish mountains and plantation of vegetables.


For day trippers, this temple is an obvious first stop of the sight in the region as it’s located near from the homestays at Dieng village. Besides, ticket to this temple already includes Sikidang crater as well. So, if you visit the crater first instead, you would need to pay extra money.



Adventure to the Crater of Sileri


While the eastern side of Dieng is mainly green, the west area is barren with dots of smoking craters. Among the craters, Sikidang is most popular among visitors. However, when it comes to size and view, Sileri crater is arguably much more attractive.


dieng kawah sileri

Sileri is the largest and most active crater in Dieng


Sileri is the largest crater in Dieng, but due to its separate location from the other tourism spots, it rarely gets any attention. Many commented that it’s a rather upsetting to go to Sikidang as they didn’t get the attraction they’d expect about the volcanic crater. On the contrary, Sileri will treat you to a more real view of what so called volcanic activity.


It turns out that Sileri is also the most active crater that still have minor explosion randomly. You’ll see many bubbling water around the crater and more alerting gas vents on the surrounding. Don’t worry, though, as long as you sport mask and stay away from the crater edge, this place is completely safe. What’s better about Sileri is it’s nestled in the middle of green area with rolling plantation of vegetable crawls just next to it. What an amazing mix of landscape!



Stroll around Tambi tea Plantation


If you have more time to explore Dieng, you better go to Tambi tea plantation on the slope of Mt. Sindoro. It’s never boring to stroll around tea plantation as it offers so much fun to do there. We can simply stroll around while enjoying the fresh ambience of the nature while adoring the jaw-dropping landscape on the surrounding.


Tambi tea

Local workers picking tea early in the morning


Or you would like to take some special tour that offers tea leave-picking experience for a more local like moment. That kind of tour will usually include a tour to tea factory where you can learn about the process for making tea leaves into the tea that you can drink. At the end of the day, what can be better other than sipping at tea while enjoying sunset sky in the middle of the plantation.



Trekking Through Rolling Rice Fields


Well, though trekking up the rice fields may sound familiar to you, this leisure activity is surely still one of an exciting jobs to do in any plateau. In Dieng, the fields sprawl from one slope to another, starting even just next to local houses to the area near by the spewing craters.



Rice terraces roll down the hills across Dieng highland


Don’t bother to start the walk directly from the hill. Instead, you can begin from the main road and then up the hills of houses all the way deep into the vegetables fields and plantations. During the walk, you will find yourself surrounded by rolling fields of greens, dots of ancient relics and also the smoking volcanic craters. Don’t skip the village roads where you will find limitless scenery of working locals smiling at you, local houses and kids running around.



Dieng Plateau is arguably one of the most exotic side of Java where scenery is truly beautiful. With all the endless rice fields and dramatic landscapes, Dieng is sure to make you feel like discovering the remote part of the island. Go experience yourselves the excitement of this highland with Xplorea.com.


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