Nihiwatu Beach

Paradise Found on Sumba Island

Sumba island, Indonesian island which was once forgotten, turns out to be a treasure trove of untouched charms. The people are extremely friendly in spite of their tough figure. They live in complete simplicity with age old primitive culture. And behind the rugged and barren terrain, nature beauty are flourishing – one of the best is Nihiwatu beach.


Nihiwatu is a popular retreat destination and most of you may probably have heard of it, especially the beach addicts. Lying on the western part of Sumba’s coastline, the beach enjoys the most exotic setting than the rest. The shore line spans as far as 2.5 kilometers long, covered with soft white sand with dots of huge coal black boulders that adds to its allure. The hills and cliff are lush green to match the soft emerald color of the ocean. The waves wash the shore every now and then, leaving white froth and occasional colorful seashells.



Nihiwatu Shore with Its Adorable Features


Nihiwatu is a dynamic beach, a subject of sudden change. Tides from the open Indian Oceans rush to the shoreline but are stranded on the reef break just beyond the coast. The wave will occasionally grow as high as 4 meters which makes Nihiwatu an instant surfing paradise for all wave riders. It offers a wide variety of swells throughout the year suitable for surfers of any surfing skills. It’s range from rights, beginner and advanced waves to the famous “Left God Wave” which becomes one of the fastest worldwide. Come and see how good you are at riding the ferocious waves.


nihiwatu 4

Most of Villas at Nihiwatu Hide among the Forestry


Unfortunately, Nihiwatu beach is not open for everyone, only those called “guests” have freedom to enjoy its beauty to the fullest. Nihiwatu is managed under the authority of international estate called Nihiwatu Resorts. Staying at this five star plus property means a lot of money as it guarantees exclusive service as well as panorama. Ocean front bungalows, quiet tree houses and villas styled in Sumbanese traditional houses all surrounded with jungle with direct view to the sea are there to satisfy the tastes of all visitors. The exclusive experience includes the surfing activity: only ten people are allowed to be on the sea at the same time.


It’s impossible to get bored in this beaches especially there are a lot more fun filled activities offered by the resort. You can choose among horse riding along the shore, fishing, snorkeling or even diving. Nihiwatu resort is committed to help preserve the Sumbanese authentic culture through its cultural excursions at the many traditional villages there. The most recommended activity for honeymooners is Spa Safari, a nature adventure with a romantic spa at the end of the day.


nihiwatu 2

Like a Dream: Dinning Directly Overlooking the Ocean


Nihiwatu is ultimately the best place on earth for those looking for true serenity while absorbing the virgin nature. With the fantastic amount one must pay for a stay, here in Nihiwatu, privacy is all yours to enjoy.


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