Maumere Bay Marine Park

The Newly Emerging Diving Paradise on Flores

Years following a severe tsunami in 1992, Maumere Bay Sea Park is gaining back its popularity. 90 percent of the reef condition has recovered and the surrounding small islands that were heavily damaged have come alive with various animal occupants. More hotels and restaurants are also emerging along the beach front of Maumere coast. They offer glass bottom boats facilities and make diving experience as their main promoted service.


maumere bay

Maumere Bay Landscape


On eastern part of Flores, Maumere Sea Park is the best place where you can get a premium diving experience. Most tourists coming there even claimed that this marine park is one of the most beautiful worldwide. It thanks to the tsunami that the sea floor terrain has changed dramatically more stunning. There are many fractures that are now blanketed with kinds of sea plants, providing shelter for numerous critters and small colorful fish. Coral of all kinds can be also found here including the unique ones such us the strikingly colorful Montiphora, the shrub like Galaxia, the brain-shaped Lobophyllia and more. But the most unique creatures you can only find here are the nearly extinct giant clamps.


maumere bay 3

Fish Soup at Maumere Bay Sea Park


The most sought after diving spots are mostly situated around the seven groups of island within the national park. Just several meters from the shallow white sandy coast of the islands, you will discover interesting array of underwater attractions. The deeper you go, the more rare exotic rare creatures you’ll encounter.


maumere bay 4

Wonderful Coral Reef at Maumere Bay


Taking walk around the islands is a perfect alternative to enjoy the nature. Most parts are deserted but on several island you will find hills rising just right on the coast. Covered with green meadow with tender breeze coming from the sea, this place is a perfect view point to enjoy the dramatic landscape of Maumare Bay Marine Park as a whole. There are also dense mangrove forest that can be explored using traditional wooden boats.


maumere bay 2

The View of an Island Within Maumere Bay


Maumere Bay Marine Park is quiet accessible as there is one of prime Flores’ airport located just nearby the park. In fact, this airport is one of the most important gate ways to the island. There are several regular public transport that can take you directly to the park.


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