Nusa Dua

Exclusive Destination with High-End Accommodations

Nusa Dua is actually the name of an area on the south coast of Bali. Once a barren area, Nusa Dua is now an exclusive escape destination with high-end tourist facilities. Accommodation ranges from world-class hotels to private beach resorts while the entertainment center comprises of shopping complex, luxury golf course, quiet sand beaches and more.


The name of Nusa Dua is taken from the two small islands to the east that are connected to the mainland with narrow sandy footpath. The islands are let pristine with grass and some shrubs covering the surfaces. They are not left unused though. Some international events and banquets have been held there, making use of the crashing waves as natural background.


nasya maulita - nusa dua beach

The View of Nusa Dua Beach by Nasya Maulita


Most of the accommodations in Nusa Dua are all-inclusive facility that include beach as their private property. But those who just want to go beach hopping around this place, there are two beaches open for public.


Walking through the main gateways of Bali Tourism Development Complex garden, you need a short walk to get to a secluded Nusa Dua beach, locally known as Mengiat beach. This beach stretches along the coast on the front of five-star hotel, but it’s available for anyone who wants to see stunning beach with clean shore.


The sand is golden-white with no trash seen around. The water is shallow and calm, providing a perfect opportunity for swimming and snorkeling. But if you are fancy of surfing here, go further offshore and you’ll find challenging reef break as your surfing arena. Another activity you may enjoy here is glass-bottom boat riding to see the marine beauty without getting wet.


geger by mark LaCastro

Geger Beach and Its Temple by Mark LaCastro


From Mengiat beach to the south, Geger beach is also lined with expensive resorts. Regular travelers have to share the shore with the resorts’ guests here, but if you prefer something more personal, enter the beach from the secret gate. It’s actually the gate of the cliff-top Geger temple, one of a few religious site in the modern area of Nusa Dua. What you need is to follow the path leading to a cliff opening of a small serene part of Geger beach.


With the complete facilities, Nusa Dua area is indeed the best place for family holiday. This place is also highly recommended for hanymooners as it’s the only place in Bali that offers romantic camel riding along the beach.

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