Bali’s Mountain Town with Exotic View of Paddies

If you want to see the nature of Bali at its best, the answer will be Jatiluwih. It’s actually a rural village located just right in the middle of the island of Bali. Sitting on the slope of Mount Batukaru, Jatiluwih gains popularity due to its expanse rice paddy.


All around Indonesia, Jatiluwih rice field is the only one to be listed as UNESCO cultural landscape. The honor is not given for the sake of the actual place though. It’s more to celebrate the legendary Subak system used as the water management.


As an implementation of Tri Hita Kirana philosophy, the water system is developed to maintain harmony between spiritual world, the people and nature. The water is managed in sustainable way that water from the river will flow first through the many water temples before channeling to the fields.


Panorama of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Panorama of Jatiluwih Rice Terraces


Any time will be always the best time to enjoy this natural beauty. This place is mostly empty with only several local farmers working the crops. There are a few high-end resorts around there, but the people rarely walk down the fields, giving you a perfect chance to spend a whole time alone with nature.


This place is stunning. The rice terraces are seen everywhere. It crawls up from the side of the slope to the coastal area, forming natural steps leading you toward the beach. And between the winding paths, field workers are seen lining with fully loaded woven baskets on their heads.


As you finish, you can follow a footpath leading to the main road above. There are several restaurants up there that won’t only treat you to international or local cuisine but also soothing scenery of the paddy. Most of tour itineraries drop by these restaurants for lunch.


jatiluwih rice

Jatiluwih Rice Field Close Up View


Jatiluwih is a kind of rural area in Bali that is still not accessible for any public transport. But it thanks to the remoteness that this place stays serene. So you will always be able to enjoy the field with no one ruining the view.


The only way to get to this place is by private car or motor bike which can be chartered mostly from Bali southern area. But if you are fancy of spending more time in Jatiluwih, you better stay in guesthouse in the village for a cheaper option.


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