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Not to Miss Experiences in Bandung, West Java

Visiting Bandung means you must be ready for a big feast. A destination of weekend escape, Bandung is most famous for two things: innovative cuisines and quality clothing. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t say this city is all about shopping as it also has delighting surprises that will be enough to keep you around. For you who visit Bandung for the first time, make sure you try what’s on the list below to best enjoy your Bandung tour.



Spending Night Indulging in Local Tastes


Braga Culinary Night is held twice a week on Saturdays. It has been around since January 2014 with Braga Street as the permanent site. Braga itself is a nostalgic road full of historical landmarks and Dutch-styled buildings that will create a more unique experience as you enjoy Bandung tasty cuisine.



The Vibe of Braga Culinary Night by Gunawan I.P.


During the festival, the road will be closed from 5 P.M to 1 A.M on the next day to allow tourists mingle with locals. Food stalls are countless with each selling different snacks and drinks including Surabi, Bakso Tahu, Batagor, Siomay, Bandrek, Bajigur, Es Goyobod and many more.


With those tons of culinary options plus energetic live music, we are sure you’ll never leave the festival till midnight.



Update Your fashion Style at Factory Outlet


It’s no more a secret that Bandung is the best place when it comes to fashion. For Indonesian, this city is the source of quality clothing with a low price. Every kind of fashion products both for male and female are available here starting from shirt, trousers, boots to stylish accessories.


Factory Outlet

Fashion Collection in Factory Outlet


Factory outlets are easily found around the downtown with the best dotting the streets of R.E. Mardinata and Ir. H. Juanda. During holidays and peak season, the complex will be thronged with fashion hunters coming from neighboring Jakarta city and even from Malaysia and Singapore.



Play the Tune of Angklung


Years before UNESCO named Angklung the world heritage in 2010, Saung Angklung Udjo (SAU) located in East Bandung has been staging various unique rhythm of the instrument. Established in 1966 with preserving Sundanese art as the mission, SAU treats its visitors to Angklung mini concert daily at 3.30 – 5 P.M. at its traditional amphitheater.



Angklung Performance at SAU by Akbar Mappanganro


Visitors won’t only watch the performance but they’ll be taught how to play the musical instrument and take part in the concert. The guide there will then tour you around the place and show you how to make Angklung. If you want, you can take the Angklung home. There also other kinds of bamboo products you can buy as souvenir from the art shops within the complex.



Journey into the Dream Land


Bandung has a famous theme park named Trans Studio Bandung that becomes the second biggest indoor park in Indonesia. Comprising of two stories, the park features 20 fun attractions that are divided into three zones.


Yamaha Racing Coaster is the favorite ride in this park that you must try. Be prepared before riding this world’s fastest roller coaster as it runs backward with the speed of 120 km/hour. Fantastic!


trans studio

Inside Trans Studio Bandung


The plus point of this theme park is its daily Broadway-level shows in a modern theater such as Kabayan Goes to Hollywood, The Legend of Crown Prince and The Adventure of Si Bolang & Zoo Crew. It also stages Arilia The Mermaid which becomes the first show with sophisticated Napalm Multi Shine effect in Indonesia.



Discover the Fun in the Jungle


Bandung has green area too. Called Taman Hutan Raya (Tahura) Ir. H. Djuanda, the preserved jungle is situated on Bukit Pakar Barat Street or 6 km from Sate Building. The place is still covered with big lush trees of any kinds with waterfall as well as Japanese and Dutch secret fortresses.



Landscape of Tahura


This park is also equipped with several out bond activities such as flying fox and paintball. There is also an open stage that is usually used for music concert. There are still a lot more attractions inside this jungle for you to enjoy.


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