Surga Beach

Hidden Gem on Lombok’s Remote East Coast

Surga literally means heaven and this beach perfectly oozes the real sense of paradise. This place enjoys the beauty scenery of remote bay in Lombok’s east coast. The shoreline is only 600 meters in length and sandwiched by two towering cliff on each tip that seem to shield the site from human expansion. Here in this U-shaped beach, serenity is the main delight.


Small doesn’t mean less attractive. Surga beach treats its visitors to distinctive charms on each side. Strolling down the shore on the left, white sandy beach stretches seamlessly with tempting big waves perfect for surfing. On the right tip meanwhile, the landscape is rugged with huge stones dotting the shore. The cliff is higher and suitable for rock climbing.


Heaven Beach Shoreline by Fadil Basymeleh

Heaven Beach Shoreline by Fadil Basymeleh


This beach also offers wealthy marine biodiversity. Besides coral reef and tame fish, Surga beach is also popular for its pearl oyster cultivated by locals using traditional method. And if you a big fan of the jewel, you can buy it at nearby fishing village.


Location and Access


Visiting Surga beach requires an extra effort. It takes 4 hour drive if you depart from Mataram via Jerowaru-Praya main street. Road is mainly easy along the city street but it will get quiet harsh on the last 5 km. Frequently called the “road of hell,’ this trail is a rolling path full of dust which gets worse and muddy during rainy season.


Arriving at a small gate, you must take a short walk down the hill teeming with tress and curious monkeys. At this point, you can already hear the thunderous sound of the wave and the glimmering blue water of the ocean.


Surga beach is only accessible by private or travel cars as there is no any public transport passing this place. And if you wish to spend more time enjoying this secret wonder, you can stay in the only eco-resort here that is built overlooking the sea.


This beach sits on just several kilometers away from other East Lombok’s famous natural destinations, but it’s lonely than touristy most of the time. Thus, this beach will be perfect retreat alternative during your trip to Lombok island.

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