Sade Village

Seeking the Real Experience of Sasak’s Rich Culture

A village with traditional landscape and way of life, Sade is the best place to get the vibe of Sasaknese, Lombok’s indigenous people. Observing traditional houses is not the only highlight we will enjoy here, but also the opportunity to learn the tradition and interact with its super friendly people.


It’s fairly easy to find this small village. Huge board that reads “Welcome to Sasak Village Sade” standing on the side of Praya – Kuta main road tells we are already here. Just behind the board, thatched houses are seen standing in a row along the street.



Welcome to the Cultural Village of Sade


As visitors come, a group of young Sasaknese stands on the main entrance to welcome them, smiling and offering services to tour the village. Sade seems a bit quiet outside, but it will get lively as we step farther into the heart of the village. Women are busy with yarn and traditional loom in front of their own houses. And all around, they are surrounded with their beautiful self-made ikat weaving clothes hang on the rope above them.


Go deeper, traditional accessories craftmen start to unveil. They string colorful small beads into interesting necklaces and bracelets, while turning the ikat textile into some artful headbands. A number of carving products adorned with batik pattern are also seen displayed together with bowls made of coconut shell.


However, the real highlight of Sade village is not the clothes, but maybe its unique traditional granary. Those small triangle shaped like buildings are supported by 2 meter huge logs beneath in order to keep it away from flood. It is used cooperatively that one granary is for 6 families. Due to the unique structure, Lombok people use the granary to symbolize their land.



Traditional Granary in Sade by Jean Paul


Differ from the granaries, the houses are built without stilts. They are made of wood or bamboo and use the mixture of ash and clay as the floor. Uniquely, the people will wash the floor with buffalo feces twice a week. They say the feces are cable of repelling mosquitoes and keeping the floor warm.


Called “Kawin Culik” or “Bride Kidnapping,” marriage in Sade prioritizes agreement between the brides and groom  rather than family’s permission. A man has to abduct the woman he wants to marry and hides her in one of his relative’s houses. The next day, both of them come to the girl’s house to get bless of the parents. Definitely unique!


All those things are only a few highlights Sade village has to offer. There are still a lot of surprises that are mainly untold but can be experienced by visiting the village ourselves. Many even say that Sade is living museum where we can get a rich insight of the real Sasak values.



Traversing the Small Village Road in Sade



Transportation and Accommodation


Sade village is set in the area of Rambitan in Pujut district. Its location on the main road makes sade accessible from wherever you choose to stay. From Mataram, Sade is just 1,5 hour drive to the southeast, while from Lombok national airport in Praya, it only needs 20 minute drive.


Other than cars and scooters, Sade can be traveled using public transportation from any Lombok’s big cities. And before entering the spot, we must fill in the guest book and make some donation.


As for the accommodation, we can either stay in Mataram or Praya. Sade is near from Kute beach and we can stay around the beach if we plan to get here after the Sade trip.


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