The Other Side of Bali

Hidden Attractions You Don’t Know Exist in Bali

The list of tourist destinations in Bali are easily found on the internet. Just type “Bali” and thousands names of interesting places will pop out. Many of those will surely include Bali iconic Kuta beach, the mother temple of Besakih, the cliff-top Pura Luhur Uluwatu or Ubud traditional countryside which are all mainly touristy.


But if you seek for the other side of Bali which is not normally found in brochures, here are some of the helpful list:


Discover Floating House in Lake Batur


We believe that many of you have heard about or have even visited Lake Batur in Bali. Nestling in the middle of Mount Batur crater, this lake hypnotizes the tourists with its beautiful sunrise view and the surrounding intact forest. But have you ever looked at the lake closer enough and found something unusual? We believe no.



Floating House in Lake Batur by Agoes Antara


Going on boat around the lake, we’ll find an abandoned small house floating on the lake. It’s half submerged seemingly after a flood, giving shelter to small fish living in the crater lake. With the active Mount Batur looming behind, this house evokes at the same time the sense of mystic and fantastic.


After its discovery, many tough visitors have come here to take its pictures at different moments, in the morning when the first sun ray lights the house up or in the afternoon with reddish sky hanging above. This view is odd but it gives visitors new alternative to enjoy the lake of Batur.



Unveil Pemuteran Hidden Underwater Temple


Pemuteran bay is completely a different world from the rest of other areas of Bali. It is located in west Bali, hidden behind the lush jungle of Bali National Park. For most tourists, it is still off the beaten track but its serenity and virgin beauty can’t be found anywhere else around Bali.



Pemuteran Bizarre Temple Reef


While the beach features azure wave, the seafloor hides its most mysterious treasure, underwater temple. 10 giant statues scatter around a four meter temple gateway in the depth of 29 meters. But this is not ruin as what you think, it was deliberately built underwater as a part of environmental conservation program.



The Statue of a Goddess Covered with Little Creature


Years later, the structure is covered with corals and tiny creatures, creating man made reef which is a bizarre yet enchanting at the same time.



Trekking to Paradise over the Hill of Lake Tamblingan


Lake Tamblingan is an oasis hiding among the rolling green hills on the north slope of Munduk countryside. Dotted with floating mystical Gubug temple, the lake is surprisingly quiet with a few fishermen and local kids running errand.



Early Morning at Lake Tamblingan by Jose Hamra


Together with its adjacent lake Buyan, Tamblingan can be seen as a whole from hills in Gobleg village. The track to the Tamblingan includes interesting jungle trekking with many chances of flora and fauna spotting. Then to take a rest, there is expanse grass yards on the bank of the lake where we can lounge while enjoy picnic lunch.


Tamblingan is just the same as its neaighboring lake Beratan. Both of them include floating temples, but Tamblingan is more serene and has fewer visitors which give more spiritual touch on the site. Believe us, this mysterious lake and temple will just help you rediscover the essence of Bali.



Journey into the Deep Cave under Uluwatu Temple


Wonderful cliff-top temple, vibrant Kecak dance and jaw-dropping ocean view are some of the highlights that draw visitors to Uluwatu. While curious travelers crowd Pura Luhur Uluwatu above, only a few that knows the existence of hidden cave below the temple.


Uluwatu cave

Staircase at Uluwatu Beach Cave


The cave leads up to a beach nestling under the cliff. Favorite rest area for surfer after full day riding swells, the grotto is sandy and refreshingly cool. You just need to walk down winding staircase leading into its wide open mouth.


Uluwatu cave

Looking Inside Uluwatu Beach Cave


Above the structure, huge hollow offers surreal sensation as we can see the beautiful open sky outside. From the base, you can ascend another staircase leading to a very panoramic lookout point above the ground.



Greeting the Dead at Trunyan Village


Traveling to Trunyan is like visiting the abandoned site of massacre. Located around the shore of lake Batur (Kintamani area), this village has its own way to treat the dead. Unlike the other Balinese community, people in Trunyan don’t cremate the deceased ones. But they are also not buried or burned on a pyre, instead, they are left to rot in bamboo cages.



Cages and Skulls at Trunyan Cemetery


In the cages, the deceases are covered with white cloth with the faces exposed. When the cages are full, the previous bodies are moved to make space for the new inhabitants. The remains of the old residents are piled with other corpses until all the flesh decomposed.


And when the dead completely turn into bones, the skull is stacked on a growing row beneath a massive Taru Menyan tree. The tree produces pleasant fragrance that helps neutralize the smell of decay. The main temple of the death is limited for visitors but we can still see some bones outside.


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