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Pura Luhur Uluwatu

One of Bali’s most important sea temples, Pura Luhur Uluwatu perches on the tip of 70 meter cliff that directly drops into the hazardous surf. It’s located on the southwestern peninsula overlooking Indian Ocean that promotes a splendid sunset experience.   Uluwatu is one of six key temples that become Bali’s spiritual pillars. Aiming at ...


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Pura Tanah Lot

Standing on 3 acre stone 20 off the shore, Tanah Lot temple is named the best sea temple with the most exotic view in Bali. Crowd of day-trippers and photographers always overwhelm the site especially during sunset, the time when Tanah Lot looks most exquisite.   The offshore temple is the main feature within the ...


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Bandung the Downtown

Visiting Bandung means you must be ready for a big feast. A destination of weekend escape, Bandung is most famous for two things: innovative cuisines and quality clothing. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t say this city is all about shopping as it also has delighting surprises that will be enough to keep you ...


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Surga Beach

Surga literally means heaven and this beach perfectly oozes the real sense of paradise. This place enjoys the beauty scenery of remote bay in Lombok’s east coast. The shoreline is only 600 meters in length and sandwiched by two towering cliff on each tip that seem to shield the site from human expansion. Here in ...


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Bau Nyale Festival

An age-old tradition in Lombok, Bau Nyale (or simply Nyale) is the most awaited cultural festival in Lombok. It is the biggest society gathering with all Sasaks (Lombok’s native people), local government and tourists swarming the shore of Seger beach in Kuta area.   This beach has always been the site of the ritual as ...


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Jogjakarta Culinary Trail

Speaking of Jogjakarta, a list of historical sites will be the first to come into our minds – starting from Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Kraton Jogjakarta to countless city museums. But beyond those sites, Jogjakarta is also a great place to eat. It has many interesting options of local foods that must be tasted by ...


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Jakarta Old Town

Looking at Jakarta on early days, this city now has changed so much, or even too much. It used to be a place where heroes bravely fought against imperialists. It’s here in Jakarta where Indonesia’s founding fathers, Ir. Soekarno and Moh. Hatta, struggled to their last breath to gain back the independence of the nation. ...


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Mount Rinjani

Rising to the elevation of 3,726 meters above sea level, the grand mountain of Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. It sits nearly at the entire portion of northeast Lombok and serves as the highest point of the island.   Frequently referred by mountaineers as “the mother volcano of Indonesia,” Rinjani has been ...


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Sade Village

A village with traditional landscape and way of life, Sade is the best place to get the vibe of Sasaknese, Lombok’s indigenous people. Observing traditional houses is not the only highlight we will enjoy here, but also the opportunity to learn the tradition and interact with its super friendly people.   It’s fairly easy to ...


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