Senggigi Beach

The Most Wanted Beach Vacation Destination in West Lombok

Senggigi beach is already popular among holiday makers. Many know this place is not a hidden beach, but its charm is always kept pristine that travelers never give this spot a pass. Senggigi has the longest coastal line in all Lombok for it stretches along 30 km. Combined with clear water and calm wave, Senggigi will always be the choice in West Lombok for peaceful seekers.



Sunset View in Senggigi Beach by Arwen S


At a glance, Senggigi beach looks similar to Kuta Beach especially when we look at the many tourists sunbathing along the beach. What makes the two spots differs is the sand. Kuta boasts brownish sand while Senggigi features white sand with darker sand in some area. In early morning when Senggigi is still quite, the best way to enjoy it is jogging along or simply taking a stroll down the coast. Swimming and snorkeling are other optional safe activities in Senggigi even for kids and newbie. Travelers can rent snorkeling gears in snorkel shops in the entrance.


The most dramatic moment in Senggigi happens at twilight. The sunset turns sky and the sea an ocean of glowing orange. The boats and trees, meanwhile, change into dark objects. At the same time, travelers will be treated to an enchanting silhouette of Mount Agung on Bali island.


It’s not only tourists that crowd the beach but also a stretch of food stalls and restaurants. All kinds of culinary delights from eastern to western Indonesia can be found within this food zone. One must-try menu in Senggigi is ayam taliwang, Lombok’s special food of spicy grilled chicken with plecing kangkung (a kind of water spinach salad). Traditional dance and music are frequently performed live in several restaurants that will add more pleasure to your Lombok culinary experience.


Batu Bolong

Morning View of Batu Bolong Tempel  by Tuanh Nguyen


Senggigi beach looks more stunning with the presence of Batu Bolong temple nestling on one of its end. Batu Bolong features a unique location as it looms on top of huge rock with a big hole in its center. It turns out that this Hindu temple has a dark secret. Locals say this temple was a ceremonial site of human sacrifice of a woman for sharks of the sea. Other add that Batu Bolong was frequently chosen by brokenhearted girls to commit suicide by throwing themselves into the ocean.



How to Get There


Senggigi beach is located in Senggigi village in West Lombok regency. It can be reached fairly easy from both Mataram city or Lombok’s international airport. From the airport, you can take either Damri bus or taxi that cost Rp 30.000 and Rp 170.000 – Rp 200.000 respectively. Both of the transportation will take you directly to Senggigi. If you start from Mataram, you may choose taxi or public bus that take only 30 minutes. Another alternative is to rent a motorcycle which costs Rp 50.000 per day (the price easily changes).


Tourists who depart from Bali can take ferry from Karangasem or Padang Bai harbors to Lombok’s Lembar harbor. It’s better to take a taxi from the harbor to Senggigi as there is no direct public transport to the beach.





Senggigi village is one of most popular tourist area in Lombok. It offers travelers many options of accommodation ranging from hostel, guesthouse, villa, resort, budget to five-star hotels. Countless spa operators, clubs, souvenir shops and travel agents dotted around the village. Thus, most people make Senggigi beach and its surrounding transit point before vacationing in three famous gili (Trawangan. Meno, Air). Most of tourists facilities center around the streets of Pantai Senggigi, Raya Senggigi and Raya Mangsit.

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