Green Canyon

Grand Canyon Van Indonesia

Green Canyon

Ketinting Journeying along Green Canyon


If United States has Grand Canyon, Indonesia has Green Canyon. Though the two places have a bit similar name, they offer completely different panorama. Green Canyon boasts refreshing view which greatly differs from dry and arid condition of Grand Canyon. Green Canyon itself is a clean and clear river. On both side, it is flanked with two extensive towering rock cliff that add more exotic sense of the view.


Local people are used to calling the river Cukang Taneuh which means land bridge in Indonesia. The name is given as there is a natural land bridge above the river that is used by local farmers to get to their fields. A French tourist visited Cukang Taneuh in 1993. The Frenchman then named it Green Canyon, a new brand that leads to popularity. Ever since, the hidden paradise has always been full of travelers.


The name of Green Canyon was chosen due to the green color which strongly dominates the view of the river. This spot is hidden in the middle of Pangandaran forest, behind lush trees and bushes. As you enter the main gate, a line of ketinting (local name for wooden boats) will welcome you. Charging the each visitor Rp 75.000 for the fee, the small boat will take them along the river.


They will be invited to journey on ketinting, swaying along the green-watered river. At the beginning, the view is mostly lush trees growing on each of the river sides. You’ll see several small lizards pop out of the water surface every now and then as if they want to say welcome.


Green Canyon

Visitors Enjoying Body Rafting in Green Canyon


As the boats come nearer to the downstream, two towering cliff begin to unfold. Not only moss and shrubs, the cliff are also decorated with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Small surge of water flow down the cliff, making a gurgling sound like music of nature that adds to more peaceful atmosphere around. At low tide, visitors can walk and take photos in a cave that more looks like a tunnel. Other more fascinating activities to enjoy Green Canyon are simply swimming or body rafting.


Green Canyon opens every day (Monday to Sunday) from 08.00 A.M to 05.00 P.M. But on every Friday, the spot won’t open until 01.00 P.M. This river is easily reached especially by private car from Pangandaran to Ciamis. If you choose public transportation, you should take mini bus from Pangandaran bus station to Cijulang bus station. From Cijulang you can take ojek (motorcycle taxi) to get to the entrance of Green Canyon.

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