Mini Maladewa off the North of Java

It’s peaceful and serene that will be the first impressions as you make a first contact with Karimunjawa. From afar, the heavenly tropical islands seem like a group of green spots trapped in the middle of the blue sea of Java. The dots will slowly turn into dazzling white lands under the scorching sunshine as the boats come closer to the shoreline. With that clean sand and clear turquoise water, the beaches in Karimunjawa will always be the first winner compared to the others in all Java island.



An Expanse of Coral on Karimunjawa’s Shallow Beach by Sidonn


There are as many as 27 islands in Karimunjawa that most of them are kept unoccupied. As the biggest island in the area, Karimun Jawa becomes the center of community life. Out of the entire 10.000 inhabitants, more than half of them dwell on Karimun Jawa while the rest live on four other smaller islands. Tourists find this island the most convenient as all public and travel services center here.


Many regard Karimunjawa as lonely Maladewa. Floating between Java and Kalimantan, the islands are shrouded in endless ocean with dangerous waves. The wave is even more deadly in January and February, slamming the coastline with 4 meter high swells. At that point, Karimunjawa will be like a prison which isolates the people in private natural beauty of sceneries.


Time goes slower on Karimunjawa that you can leisurely lounge on a seat while enjoying beachy breeze. The fringing coconut trees will turn to be your natural shades from tropical sunshine. If the sea is as quite as a lake, speedboats will be busy picking tourists to the area’s 25 diving sites. Down the water surface, you’ll find no less than 250 kinds of fish speed among 100 species of corals. Smart Dolphins are abundant while Whale Shark will only appear at the end of the year when the sea begins to flare.



Coral Garden in Karimunjawa by Ramadian Bachtiar


The most challenging way to enjoy Karimunjawa may be by joining in Cast Away tour. This unusual travel style gives tourists a back-to-nature experience in an empty island named Krakal Kecil. You’ll stay overnight in a small cottage where you have to survive with no electricity in the middle of an ocean, just like Tom Hanks in his “Cast Away” movie.


The only vehicle to reach Karimunjawa is speed boats from Jepara or Semarang. The trip takes as long as two hours but may be more depending on the waves. Stay update on local weather forecast before leaving as there are no tourist information centers in Karimunjawa that will give you any news about the condition of the islands.

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